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    Wink Dance Dance IttyBitty !

    So we have all had those great nights when everone is in a mood that has them joking in a way that would make a sailor pass out. The guy on one of the mics is probably drunk, not too drunk, just sleezy enough to be at the bar gawking at the bouncy-shirts on the dance floor and grinning.

    Then what does the party here but " I don't think you have ever danced me before." Ohhh, my, watch out, there's a fire in the disco.

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    Dance Dance Itteh
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    Let us not forget the Greatclub Incident that I spoke of last night, although that is Zay's fault, not yours.

    First it was the Greatclub of the Scrag, and Itty felt very very small.

    And then, he found... a smaller one. ='(


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