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    Default Bound "Interact" key work with selected non-combat objects - can I make it?

    I try to use the keyboard as much as possible, I can almost play without using the mouse for anything but the menus.

    The biggest annoyance is that if I use the "next interactable" key to select a person, loot bag, potion, treasure chest - anything that isn't a monster - my bound "interact" key doesn't pick it up, loot it, talk, etc...

    It works in Combat, which is good.

    I've tried using most of the "interact" types (Attack/Interact, DDO Classic interact, etc... I didn't try the orbot or steer ones, but every other type) and no matter what, if the mouse isn't over the interactable item, the object doesn't get "used". If I mouse over the selected object without clicking and use the bound "interact" key, it works.

    This is super frustrating when I break barrels and pick up loot, I have to turn and look. Many times scavengers swipe loot that I just haven't picked up fast enough because I have to move from keyboard to mouse to reorient in order pick something up. I don't really usually say anything but it's kind of annoying. It's also pretty annoying when standing in a group of people around a quest giver or entrance. The "select next" key goes right to the guy with the chalice over his head, or to the dungeon door, so all I should have to do is hit my "interact" key to speak or go int. But since I haven't placed the mouse cursor over it, I can't use it.

    Giant annoyance.

    Can anyone give me a tip?

    PS - I should say that range has no bearing. I could be standing right over an item, but if my mouse is somewhere else (which is most of the time as I don't use it for camera controls) then I still won't pick it up. ditto for standing nose to nose with NPC's to talk or shop, get quests, etc...

    Bound and began using the "INTERACT" key lower in the key binding group. This is NOT one of the top interact "DDO Interact" "MMO Interact" etc... buttons.
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    2 month old thread, but thought I'd throw this in for anyone seeing it. this is by default assigned to the E key in easy access when using WASD movement. I strongly recommend using this interact extensively on any setup, and remembering to set it on any custom setup. I always set a noncombat targeting key and this to make literally everything in the game 90% less headache.

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    backspace + U will pick stuff up
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    I am having the same problem, it simply will not work for me, despite the fact that i have changed keys to default and i have also tried to change the "Interact" key, under the "Selection tab". As mentioned i have tried to set it to default, and i have also tried to set it to "Classic" and so on. i always thought i could live with always having to target with the mouse over them before i could use the key, but i was just unable to do a quest since it requiered to interact without having to mouse over.

    Does anybody know how to fix this problem? i have tried alot of things.

    P's. If i target somebody and use the interact key, it says "Out of range" and then i lose my hardtarget.

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