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    Default DDOcast Episode 202 (01-29-11)

    Episode 202 is late, but ready! Here's a LINK to the episode - just left-click to play, right-click and 'save as' to download as an mp3. You can find DDOcast on iTunes, the Zune Marketplace and

    Join Sig and Anne for some DDO game news, DDO community news, Premium Perspective, Poetry Corner, Some Round Table Talk on newbie gear and LFM acronyms, Crunchy Bits Live dives into the "Lame," and some feedback from our listerns on Twitter and Facebook.

    CORRECTION: Yes, Sig says "Jan 30th" this episode was recorded on Sat, Jan 29th

    REMINDER: Its that time again! SEND US YOUR ASK THE DEVS QUESTIONS! Send them to


    DDOcast Episode 202 (01-29-11)

    0:11 Intro
    1:25 DDO Game News
    8:07 DDO Store News
    10:36 What's New with our Guests
    13:08 DDO Community News
    18:56 Premium Perspective
    22:40 DDO Poetry Corner
    24:55 Round Table Talk: Lowbie Gear, LFM Codes
    55:25 Crunchy Bits Live: Stuff that is Lame
    1:23:55 Turbine Related News
    1:24:35 Emails, Twitter, and Facebook


    TOTAL TIME: 1:30:59


    LINK for Know Your Enemy: Scorpions

    LINK for Screenshot of the Week: Incredible Airship!

    LINK for Mystery of the Missing Devs

    LINK for Official DDO Novel Announced

    LINK for Risia Ice Games are Returning Next Week

    LINK for DDO Store Sales

    LINK for Confirmation on How Spell Damage Amplification Works Between Classes

    LINK for Archanges 1 Year party and give-away on Thelanis

    LINK for Pestivus celebration also on Thelanis

    LINK for Eberron Chronicle

    LINK for Cordovan’s Blog: Getting the most from your DDO Weapon descriptions

    LINK for Eladrin's Blog: Undead Invading My Gallery

    LINK for DDO Cocktail Hour Ep #41: Better Left Unsaid

    LINK for Korthos "Misery's Peak" Rewards

    LINK for Pharlan Carnival Rewards

    LINK for Delera's Tomb Rewards

    LINK for Assault on Splinterskull Rewards

    LINK for Turbine is Looking to hiring a Project Manager For Localization


    Hotline for Voicemail and Live Calls: (650) 336-5424 Yes that's (650) DDO-LICH
    UStream URL:
    DDO Forum Names: Theris and Sigtrent


    Sig and Anne
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