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    Default Dear Pew Pews'

    Seems this is my 100th post. Usually I post all light and fluffy, so lets turn things around a little bit shall we

    Hi Pew Pews (ranged rangers)

    My name is Drilltex, I'm your run of the mill melee class, I could be that dumb barbarian, shifty rogue, pretentious monk, arrogant paladin, boring fighter, or the eerily effeminate bard who makes inappropriate comments and keeps asking 'When will you draw MY bow...' We're all different, but we have one thing in common.... we hate it when you don't know how to kite.

    So from the melees of DDO, I'd like this post to be your one stop shop for advice on how to kite effectively.

    Please, those of you who know how to kite, please feel free to post, for the good of the community, for the sake of those melee who could no longer stand it. I don't pretend to know how to do it well, but I know bad kiting when I see it!

    I'll start the ball rolling with some home truths:

    When we chase your mobs, we get a -4 to hit.
    When you kite the mobs into more mobs, we may get pwned (DA red ain't good for anyone!).
    When you die cos you couldn't handle the agro you brought down, we lose 10% xp.

    Thank you for your time, I'm sure the following thread replies will contain all the information you need to turn you from a 'Damn pew pew!' to a 'Daaaaaaamn, pew pew!'



    edit: Thanks to SiliconShadow for posting the link below. Good read for AAs and melees who might hate AAs. Advice on how to play an AA and how to fit in with a group.
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