Forgive me for talking about another game for a brief amount of time... however, it's a great way to get my idea across.
Anyone know of the game "City of Heroes"?
And how they branched out into "City of Villians" to add pvp?

I think DDO would be an EXCELLENT canidate for such a pvp method.
Droaam VS stormreach.
And use it as a catapult to introduce roaming wilderness... not just instanced wilderness, where all the trees group together and magically form an unbreakable wall.

I mean, why would the Devils of shavrath only attack stormreach? Why would the qul dour(sp?) only try to infest Stormreach?
Sure, Stormreach is great, BUT, hell, I'd join Droaam if they would let me have their Oath.

That would also give the devs freedom to play with something players have been waiting for for a very long time.
Should I say it?
Dare I say it?
Monstorous races. There. It's on the table.
Play as an ogre, and only be able to have 16 character classes, since ogre class base is worth 4 regular class levels.
Give the monstorous races to Droaam side only, but cut back on the power of the equipment they can get (since EVIL chars aren't so giving).
WHOOPS. I said EVIL. Another HUGE thing people have been waiting for.

So, how about it, dev team? The gauntlet has been metaphorically tossed.