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    Default DDO Cocktail Hour Ep 40, Pugging

    DDO Cocktail Hour Ep 40, Pugging

    WARNING: This week’s show contains almost no inappropriate material and is vaguely educational as well as a little serious. I realize our regular listeners might be scared and confused by this. We are also scared and confused. Bear with us… this too shall pass.

    This week, the DDO Cocktail Hour is back with not with a vengeance, but with sage advice! (Don’t laugh, stranger things have happened.) The team talks all about the Do’s and Don’ts of being in a “Pick Up Group” or Pug. This is a social game after all, and pugging is one of the most social things you can do! The boys from KIASA cast also help out with a very special expert from The Hitch Hicker’s Guide to Eberron! Thanks so much for listening!

    HERE is the link for the episode! Just left click and play or right click and “save as” to download!

    You can also listen from our home on cyberears HERE

    00:00:06 Intro: (Dancing with Angels)
    00:01:42 What are you drinking?
    00:02:40 A poem by Reorex w/ love to Samius:
    00:03:34 True Reincarnate blues
    00:04:25 Twitter Question: Do Pugs really suck? No no…. Do you hate PUGS? Why or why not?
    00:12:46 Excuses Excuses…. Confessions of a DDO Addict & a little Permadeath talk
    00:16:56 The Hitch Hikers Guide to Eberron: “What is a PUG,” By KIASA Cast
    00:18:13 Pick up groups and you. (Sage PUG advice from Lessah & Samius)
    Making the most of your PUG group.
    - Listen to the Party leader
    - When in charge, take charge (but be cool about it)
    - Do not waste the party’s time
    - Be as Self Sufficient as possible
    - Pay attention to the LFM (i.e. BYOH or In-Progress)
    - If you are taking too much damage in a fight, and being a drain on resources, it’s time to re-think your strategy .
    - For the love of all that is holy… DRINK A FREAKEN POT!
    - If you are going to run-off on your own… don’t
    - If you run off on your own, make sure you can pull your own weight
    - Don’t be a jerk
    - Focus on the quest, not your bad day at work!

    00:35:44 Final thoughts and the return of inappropriate conversation!
    00:36:25 Forums: Sandil’s Interactive Game Guide
    00:39:16 Email! CtH Withdrawls
    00:40:08 Chris Molsbee
    00:43:06 PSA: Secure your account!
    00:43:45 DDO Cast’s 200th Episode
    00:44:31 A Public Apology to Syberdyne
    00:45:28 Reach us at
    00:46:37 Outro & Toast

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    Grats on reaching 40 episodes!

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    Default Clanky is a Star!

    You'll note that Clankenbeard is listed on the movie poster credits. I die in the first 5 minutes of the film just like Bruce Campbell did in "From Dusk Till Dawn 2--Texas Blood Money". But, then my Death Pact kicks in and brings me back to life. I then die before the 10 minute mark just like Bruce Campbell did in "Congo". Then I got bored with the script, but I'm pretty sure I come back to life as a zombie chicken and die after a total of three lines just like Bruce Campbell did in "Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters".

    Bottom line...I'm in it. It's worth seeing. Oh, and at one point, there's this exchange:
    Vorpal Bunny Slipper: "You're a goody two shoes, little goody two shoes."
    Clankenbeard: "Tip #197!" *Bolt to the bunny face!*

    Clanky pushed for "Nightmare on Elf's Feet", but Lessah vetoed it. She thinks she runs the place around here and she was having none of Clanky's genius title idea. It's brilliant! It just doesn't tie in DDo in any way whatsoever. And, yes, I know there are no elves on the DDoCocktailHour. I'll back down my self rating to "mostly brilliant". (Hitchhikered!)

    Now somebody recommend my movie poster to Photoshop Disasters!

    ---EDIT--- Does anybody even know what the "Tip #197!" joke is all about? *sigh* Probably not.
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