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Thread: Stone to Flesh

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    Default Stone to Flesh

    From my previous experience with D&D games, Stone to Flesh was always a spell the Wizard needed to know. When my Wizard got to level 11 this was one of the spells I memorized. After not using it I swapped it out and have never had it memorized again.

    So, my question is has anyone ever cast Stone to Flesh?

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    In the olden days getting hit with flesh to stone (or petrification) could be problematic.

    With the advent of those effects now being on a timer, its of very lttle consquence.

    I've never had the spell memorised but my Wiz used to carry a few scrolls just in case, now I no longer bother even with them.
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    Stone to flesh is an interesting spell.
    It disable without Killing. Really interesting in quests like Let sleeping dust lie.
    It also prevent mob respawn in certain quest because the last one is not dead but stoned.

    So : Yes it has its uses.

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    Heh, wrong spell ced, he's talking about the one that lets you "unstone" someone.

    Stone to flesh - Flesh to stone

    And it's useful if you want to zerg eyes of stone without wasting time on the optional

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