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    My preferred plat sink is as follows:

    For 200kplat, retain a bound +2 tome upon TR.
    For 500k plat, retain a bound +3 tome upon TR.
    for 1M plat, retain a bound +4 tome upon TR.

    Here, "retain" means it comes into play at the appropriate level, akin to GR.


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    Have you not seen the new flags they purchased with all that plat?

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    Two more ideas:

    1) (Plat sink) make all cosmetic items buyable for ~1-10k plat.

    2)(Player advice)if you find the inflation to be a problem,why not make a trading guild called"The new Economy"or something?If you're on Khyber, you can always join my guild.PM me for guild name.
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    Id rather see it stay at 30% up to a certain pp value. Like 100k

    Item cost > 300k = 100k AH fee (which is a lot)
    Item cost < 300k = 30% of price

    When a 2m item sold has basically 1/3 or roughly 600k going to a seller fee that is rediculous. On lower price stuff its not such a big deal.

    A lot of people just post for sale in marketplace for nice stuff to avoid this gauge.

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    Default Arise, from the dead....

    Holy Thread Necro, Batman!
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    30% is steep. of course prices are ajusted to compensate. also if it wasn't 30% people would have more money, and still pay more for items, so in the end it doesn't matter. what people are willing to pay is what makes the price. all that said i wouldn't mind if it went down, even if it were 20-25% would be good.

    as to 4&5 on your list. this is an auction, i post an auction for a 30 stack of gibblets, then i'm selling a stack of 30 gibblets. either you want to buy them or you don't. if i wanted to sell 30 stacks of 1 gibblet, i would have posted them that way. do really go to you grocery store open the bag of beans and only buy 23, because "thats all i need" no you don't. these are just silly.

    the search is nice, now if we can get them to let us easily reorganize our bags and shared bank we'll be golden

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