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Thread: Changing feats

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    Default Changing feats

    hi there.....
    i know it may seems a stupid question for many of you out there but.... i'm asking your knowledge!

    i have a human toon with SELF SUFFICIENT feat. i took that ONLY to access the IRON/STEEL/.../... COMPANION enanchement to help me WHEN SOLO, to keep mob away while shooting them from distance.

    Now, as more as i group, i found those companions worst than useless!! (they actually make more dmg with the GREASE effect on party memebers than helping us!!) so.... i'm thinking about changing the SELF SUFFICIENT feats with something better.
    but the question is: what will happens to the AP point spent on the COMPANIONS enanchement that i will no longer be able to use?? (since i removed the PREREQUISITE!)
    will they be available again or... i'll have to reset all point in order to NOT lose them??


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    I BELIEVE they'll become available again, but don't QUOTE me on that.
    Even if they DON'T become available again, you can RESET your enhancements ANY time you like for a small FEE.

    I'm not really SURE why EITHER of us chose to CAPITALIZE all these random WORDS.

    Or, you could simply choose not to summon it when you're in a group. Best of both worlds. You'd still have it for the reason you originally wanted it, but it won't bother your groupmates. Just don't hit that button when you're in a group.
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    If you swap a feat that's a prerequisite for an enhancement line you've taken, your enhancements will automatically be reset.

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    yes you will get a free enhancement reset, but note that you should pay the enhancement reset whenever you need to fix your enhancements, it's worth more than the plat cost of resetting.

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