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    Default Monk Arcane Archer build

    OK some basic info

    12 monk for 2d6 fist and stance for bonus to str
    6ranger for free manyshot, rapid shot, SP for AA, and TWF/ITWF
    2 fighter for feats and HP

    H-Elf for the rogue dilettante and AA

    The idea was 20 seconds out of 2 min you can use manyshot and AA benifits then you can swap to Handwraps and finish them off.

    Curious to see what people think.

    Character Plan by DDO Character Planner Version 3.8.0
    DDO Character Planner Home Page
    Level 20 Lawful Good Half-Elf Male
    (2 Fighter \ 12 Monk \ 6 Ranger) 
    Hit Points: 291
    Spell Points: 195 
    BAB: 17\17\22\27\27
    Fortitude: 18
    Reflex: 18
    Will: 13
                      Starting          Feat/Enhancement
    Abilities        Base Stats          Modified Stats
    (32 Point)       (Level 1)             (Level 20)
    Strength             16                    22
    Dexterity            15                    20
    Constitution         14                    14
    Intelligence         10                    10
    Wisdom               14                    16
    Charisma              8                     8
    Tomes Used
    +2 Tome of Dexterity used at level 7
                      Starting          Feat/Enhancement
                     Base Skills         Modified Skills
    Skills           (Level 1)            (Level 20)
    Balance               6                    17
    Bluff                -1                    -1
    Concentration         6                    26
    Diplomacy            -1                    -1
    Disable Device        n/a                   n/a
    Haggle               -1                    -1
    Heal                  2                     3
    Hide                  6                    26
    Intimidate           -1                    -1
    Jump                  3                    14
    Listen                2                     3
    Move Silently         6                    26
    Open Lock             n/a                   n/a
    Perform              n/a                   n/a
    Repair                0                     0
    Search                0                     0
    Spot                  2                    20
    Swim                  3                     6
    Tumble                n/a                   n/a
    Use Magic Device     n/a                   n/a
    Level 1 (Monk)
    Feat: (Half-Elf Dilettante) Half-Elf Dilettante: Rogue
    Feat: (Selected) Point Blank Shot
    Feat: (Monk Bonus) Toughness
    Level 2 (Ranger)
    Feat: (Favored Enemy) Favored Enemy: Construct
    Level 3 (Ranger)
    Feat: (Selected) Weapon Focus: Ranged Weapons
    Level 4 (Monk)
    Feat: (Monk Bonus) Zen Archery
    Level 5 (Ranger)
    Level 6 (Ranger)
    Feat: (Selected) Dodge
    Level 7 (Monk)
    Feat: (Monk Path) Path of Inevitable Dominion: Fists of Darkness
    Level 8 (Ranger)
    Feat: (Favored Enemy) Favored Enemy: Undead
    Level 9 (Ranger)
    Feat: (Selected) Improved Critical: Bludgeoning Weapons
    Level 10 (Monk)
    Level 11 (Monk)
    Level 12 (Monk)
    Feat: (Monk Bonus) Power Attack
    Feat: (Selected) Precise Shot
    Level 13 (Monk)
    Level 14 (Monk)
    Level 15 (Fighter)
    Feat: (Selected) Greater Two Weapon Fighting
    Feat: (Fighter Bonus) Improved Critical: Piercing Weapons
    Level 16 (Monk)
    Level 17 (Monk)
    Level 18 (Monk)
    Feat: (Selected) Mental Toughness
    Level 19 (Monk)
    Level 20 (Fighter)
    Feat: (Fighter Bonus) Stunning Blow
    Enhancement: Fighter Haste Boost I
    Enhancement: Ranger Sprint Boost I
    Enhancement: Elven Arcane Archer: Imbue Acid Arrows
    Enhancement: Elven Arcane Archer: Imbue Explosive Arrows
    Enhancement: Elven Arcane Archer: Imbue Force Arrows
    Enhancement: Elven Arcane Archer: Imbue Slaying Arrows
    Enhancement: Elven Arcane Archer: Imbue Terror Arrows
    Enhancement: Elven Dexterity I
    Enhancement: Elven Dexterity II
    Enhancement: Improved Rogue Dilettante I
    Enhancement: Improved Rogue Dilettante II
    Enhancement: Human Improved Recovery I
    Enhancement: Human Improved Recovery II
    Enhancement: Static Charge
    Enhancement: Way of the Patient Tortoise I
    Enhancement: Way of the Patient Tortoise II
    Enhancement: Way of the Patient Tortoise III
    Enhancement: Touch of Death
    Enhancement: Porous Soul
    Enhancement: All-Consuming Flame
    Enhancement: Monk Improved Recovery I
    Enhancement: Monk Ninja Spy I
    Enhancement: Monk Ninja Spy II
    Enhancement: Winter's Touch
    Enhancement: Adept of Flame
    Enhancement: Master of Bonfires
    Enhancement: Racial Toughness I
    Enhancement: Racial Toughness II
    Enhancement: Elven Arcane Archer: Conjure +2 Arrows
    Enhancement: Elven Arcane Archer: Conjure +3 Arrows
    Enhancement: Elven Arcane Archer: Conjure +4 Arrows
    Enhancement: Elven Arcane Archer: Conjure +5 Arrows
    Enhancement: Elven Arcane Archer I
    Enhancement: Improved Jump I
    Enhancement: Improved Jump II
    Enhancement: Improved Tumble I
    Enhancement: Improved Tumble II
    Enhancement: Ranger Dexterity I
    Enhancement: Fighter Strength I
    Enhancement: Monk Wisdom I
    Enhancement: Monk Wisdom II
    Enhancement: Fighter Toughness I

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    I'm a big fan of this build concept.

    I'd advise you to take a look around, there are several versions of this build circulating. Some feedback: I think you'll want arcane archer earlier than 18. Taking Mental Toughness ASAP is probably smart. Imp. Crit Bludgeoning is not worth a feat on a monk archer build. You'll want Improved Precise Shot to make your archery worthwhile. I don't think you'll get your Stunning Blow DC high enough. If you want to be able to stun, I think going WIS-based and picking up Stunning Fist is smarter (as per nick_robinsonchia's advice).

    Check out these:

    CrankVulcan's "12/6/2 Stunner":

    Arsont's "Pewpew Fu Monk Archer":

    Trudh's "Hong Kong Pewy":

    Elg582's "Monk Archer":

    Fecerak's "The More Special Forces" (inspired by Dark-Star's special forces):

    nick_robinsonchia's "The ‘Everything(nearly) I hate in a build’ Build":
    And my own "The Bandwagon Jumper"

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    Default thanks and a little more info

    First off thanls for the help.
    And for a little more info the reason for iproved crit blunt is that I figured this build would be meleeing more than pew pewing. The thought was it wouldn't hurt to improve crit on the fist damage as well and the stunning blow feat was origonaly where improved precise shot was going untill I realized I was gonna have to sacrifice somewhere to get dex high enough for it.

    Again thanks for the info I just liked the idea of zen archery and an AA build. Will look around and work on it. May even roll one lol. Currently I am working on TRing a pally to make the helves angel build but haven't gotten farther than equiping gear from the airship in vet stauts

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    cant i get a lil help here? i need a good aa ranger/monk/fighter build after last big update? :wink:

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