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    Humperdink: To the DEATH!!!
    Westley: No! To the Pain!
    Humperdink: Escuse me but I'm not familiar with that phrase.
    Westley: Don't worry, I'll explain; and I'll use small words so you'll
    Be sure to understand. You warthog faced Buffoon...
    Humperdink: I think that is the first time anyone has ever dare to insult me...
    Westley: Don't worry; it won't be the last.

    I think this is still one of my all time favorite movies...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phidius View Post
    This thread was only MOSTLY dead...
    It still shouldn't go swimming for about an hour...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaidMR View Post
    It still shouldn't go swimming for about an hour...
    But the chocolate coating will make the thread go down easier.

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