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    Default Weapons one melee should have


    Im still a beginner (lvl 18 is my highest char after playing for over a year) and am thinking about creating one more melee toon. While im still playing my currently highest char, im interested in what kind of weapons should i save or aquire.

    I keep reading that you need metalline pure good for something and disruptor weapons for something else... Can someone make me a list of the items one good melee should have and for what they are used? Or point me towards that list, if it already exists.


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    Not counting Greensteel weapons, since they're not starter and they're not F2P (if you have access to the Vale of Twilight, I would start workng on a greensteel weapon), weapons you should have are:

    Vorpals. There's a threshold where waiting for a Vorpal strike (natural 20 followed by confirmation which will kill most living targets) is faster that DPSing a mob down with weapons that do better damage.

    Bossbeater/DR Breaker. These are weapons that will bypass a Raid Boss's damage reduction. Normally it will be around 15, and the additional 15 damage you can get per hit can only be outdone by exceptionally rare weapons. The raid bosses are Devils, and have a damage reduction of Good+Silver. You need a weapon that does both of these types of damage. So;

    Holy Silver
    Silver of Pure Good
    Metalline of Pure Good
    Metalline Flametouched Iron

    Remember that to weild Pure Good weapons, you must be Good Aligned or have a UMD of 20.

    Greater Bane weapons. Mostly on monsters that are immune to many things (constructs), or common monsters, like Undead, Giants, Devils, Demons, and Elementals. Devils and Demons are both hurt by Greater EVIL outsider bane, but Devils are LAWFUL and Demons are CHAOTIC. A greater bane weapon will do an additonal 14.5 average damage on its specified target. A Holy/Anarchic/Vicious of Greater Evil/Lawful Outsider bane works about as well as a Bossbeater.

    Paralyzing Weapons. At levels 10-16 or even higher, these things ROCK. Anything you hit must make a DC 17 will save or be unable to move.

    Disrupting Weapons. On Undead, these weapons force them to make a 14 will save or die. Once you get them, most undead will save most of the time. Once the undead's will save exceeds 14, it's bascially a Vorpal for undead, but they roll a 1 instead of you rolling a 20.

    Banishing Weapons. There are many, many Outsiders in this game. Get this weapon effect on a weapon with a very high Crit range, namely a Rapier. These will work very well for several levels.

    General Weapons (randomly generated). Before you get Greensteel/Named weapons, you'll want some of these. Basically as many enchantments on one weapons as you can. A good example is a "Shocking Burst of Pure Good".

    Named Weapons. These will replace Randomly Generated Weapons once you get them. A good, low-level weapon is Carnifex from Delera's.

    The "end all be all" of weapons are Greensteel weapons. These can take a very long time to make but it's not (much) of a random process. This planner,, will show you how to make and what the weapon effects are.

    Popular weapons are Mineral with Holy, which break nearly all Boss DR, or Lightning weapons, which do large amounts of damage every so often. These are the main two weapons that are made. Radiance Rapiers, which blind a monster on a critical with NO SAVE, are popular with rogues or even other classes. A blinded monster takes a massive penalty to AC, has a 50% miss chance, and is vulnerable to sneak attacks. However, their movement patterns change, and they'll wiggle aroudn from person to person and this can be very annoying.

    A cheap yet good greensteel weapon is a Earthgrab Heavy Pick. Every so often, the monster will be "earthgrabbed", unable to move, and be automatically criticaled. This is a great synergy with the Heavy Pick's massive Crit Multipler.

    Most of the other greensteel weapons aren't worth mentioning, which I find sad. They should all have a good use.

    Farther down the line, you can shoot for exceptionally powerful weapons. Notably Epic Sword of Shadow and Epic Antique Greataxe.
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    Cool The Power 5

    The power 5.

    1. Vorpal
    2. Smiter
    3. Banisher
    4. Paralyzer
    5. Disruptor

    This list is "The Power 5". All are fairly easy to obtain nowadays. A properly equipped melee character should have some form of the "power 5".

    Q has summed it up quite nicely. But at a glance..shoot for these.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Qezuzu View Post
    Paralyzing Weapons. At levels 10-16 or even higher, these things ROCK. Anything you hit must make a DC 17 will save or be unable to move.
    Just pointing out that there are a lot of creatures (although still a minority) that are immune to paralysis: the usual suspects like constructs and undead, but also duergar and anything with Freedom of Movement up.

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    There are some special-circumstance weapons most melees like to carry around as well:

    Blunt weapons - For skeletons. Skeletons are common enough that all of my melee characters have a weapon set for them. Popular enhancements are Undead Bane, Shock, Acid, Holy, (or burst effects as applicable), Pure Good, Disruption and Righteousness. Cold doesn't work on most skeletons, and fire doesn't hurt blackbone skellies (but it does double damage to frostmarrow skellies), but for general purpose its best to avoid those 2.

    Ghost Touch - Unless you are a Paladin Hunter of the Dead, Arcane Archer using force imbue, or are spectral gloved, you will probably want a Ghost Touch of some sort. Any standard anti-undead enhancements work, as do most elemental effects.

    Slashing - Zombies are less common, but when they crop up they tend to be in numbers. Again, standard undead killing enhancements/elemental effects.

    Ooze/Rusty beater
    - Muckbane, Muckdoom, or Everbright. Wooden/ranged weapons work just fine on Rusties too. Try to stay away from shock/slashing/piercing on your ooze beater, as it causes (most of) them to split. Maladroit/bonebreaking is especially effective on oozes who will go into autocrit with only a hit or two. EDIT: Handwraps are also a possibility, though they'd require good enhancements to make it worth it on a non-monk

    Ranged Weapon - For rangers, this is a bow. For mechanic rogues, a repeating crossbow. For everyone else, its probably a returning throwing weapon. there will be times you need to hit something you cannot melee or don't want to melee, and thats when your ranged weapon comes in handy (or sometimes, if you time it right and especially if you have quickdraw, you can get in a couple ranged hits while closing into melee range. EDIT: Bonus effects, like paralyzing/stat damage/cursespewing/Improved Destruction can make a couple ranged hits count for a lot, before you jump into melee)

    Stat Damager - Weakening of Enfeebling, and Wounding of Puncturing, both are especially effective on high crit range weapons (Scimitar/rapier/kukri/falchion). When you're having trouble doing damage, whynot just disable your enemy instead! Maladroit/Bonebreaking have their uses, but they are only on blunt weapons, which are terrible DPS and only crit on 20's. Maladroit and Bonebreaking are typically highly under-utilized for this reason (Though lowering enemies AC and reflex saves could have pretty nice benefits!)

    I'm sure theres more, but I'm drawing a blank...
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