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    Default Nicked, GH Crafted, Dragon Scale, and Dragontouched

    My thoughts today are about these sets of items. There has been for some time now a definite decline in interest Gianthold and all the quests it supports. Specifically, Gianthold Tor. Perhaps through some slight analysis we can see why interest has decayed and exactly how to go about fixing it. In the days of level cap 16, Tor and the Reaver raid were popular. Along with level cap 20 came the Blood Tide chain, the marketplace's Nicked weapon chain, and the Sentinel chain in house D. Also added was Reaver's Refuge and Dragontouched armors. The problem isn't the quests and so on, but moreso the level requirement of the scale armors from Tor and the high probability that you won't get a scale at all on a run. Add to that the fact that it takes 20 scales to craft this armor and you've got some very unpopular grinding. I propose that the moderators and developers work together to see if this can be resolved. Being as white scales carry with it only moderate fortification and black scales have a similar problem, perhaps we could lower the lever requirement to 11. Also, binding these to account rather than character would improve gameplay a great deal. Lastly, I didn't agree with the change to 9 of each relic to enter Tor, *9 seems very arbitrary a number as half of 20 is 10*, but perhaps reducing the scales to 9 or 10 would also stimulate more interest. GH and its quests are fun and lead the story of the entire DDO world. From Korthos to Reaver's Reach, this story line is the backbone of DDO and as such something should be done to get more people involved in it. Just my thoughts for the day. Let's please analyze the level differential between all these things and weigh with it the effort that must be made to attain each and perhaps reward our players for a better gaming world.
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    Default yeah

    exactly my thoughts! i have never run ToR for scales - only once for flagging. The scale armor is very very poor compared to DT armor. Also the runes are certain drops in the refuge quests, can be shared among players before we pick. so i can take str rune and give my cha rune to sorc !

    so avoid GH and come to refuge!

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