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    Default Utility/survivor idea...

    So I'm curious if anyone else has tried something similar to this, and/or for any suggestions others might have on how to polish up the build idea. I'm thinking I might try to run him in game, see how it works out.

    Warforged, Wizard 12 / 'dps' (thinking fighter or barb here) 6 / rogue 2

    Starting stats:
    Str 18
    Dex 8
    Con 18
    Int 14
    Wis 6
    Cha 6

    Rogue level first, for skills, keeping search and disable maxed, should be able to trapmonkey reasonably well.
    Functions mostly as DPS w/two-handers, with spells being used for buffs/self-healing. Blademark docent early on, one of the two robes that cast inflict light wounds on you once a high enough level, bloody cleaver with vamprism at level 10.

    Ultimate goal is a character that can buff up himself/party (saving the sp of other, pure, casters for things they do better), play trap monkey, do at least reasonable DPS even if not absolutely top tier, and be darn hard to kill -- once geared, he'll generally have 15 temp hp (from the bloody cleaver), stone skin, and the healing to get through from 1 CLW every time he's hit, for an effective ~35 DR...

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    It works, but don't expect it to be anything super.
    You will mediocre at everything.
    Honestly if you want some buff, go with bard over caster.
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    I played pretty much this exact build to 20 and loved it.

    Don't let people tell you otherwise, this thing kicks ass.

    This was my build thread:

    It was full of people who think if it isn't doing max DPS on epic, it's not worth playing. These people should be ignored

    From your build I see you're going for a lot of strength and two-handers.

    Let me steer you towards going 2wf. You'll rely a lot on weapon effects to get kills, and for most high level stuff, vorpal is king. Two vorpals > one vorpal.

    The dex investment will also make your evasion that much better, 18 strength over 16 strength is 6 build points, I think you can get away with lower base int on this build, since none of your spells will have DCs that matter.
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