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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBroken_JPK View Post
    *Ahem* You may want to hover over your AC. It does do what you say it should do.
    Screenshot because I just checked to make sure I wasn't a total moron.

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    Ok where to start.. Hrmm

    There used to be a Harbor quest where you took a small boat out to an island and had to kill some mobs. After killing all the mobs I couldn't find the boat to get back. I wandered out there for what seemed like hours. LOL

    As previously stated, Korthos is WAY better than the old Harbor.
    New players don't wana do a lot of reading about building new toons. They want to quest, advance their lvl, & enjoy the game. DDO needs to spoon feed new players. Why? Because other games do. Less reading, more action.

    The intro from the beach is great!! After that, just a few minor changes could go along way.

    At the end of the intro quest, when new toons take the D-door, the game should drop them in or in front of a Great Hall where all the class trainers are. Have the trainers explain something about their class. (This should be done w/ voice and text dialog.) Then send them on a quest to use that "ability". Short and sweet. Also, break each class down.

    Fighter for instance:
    The trainer ask them if they want to follow the path of TWF, THF, or B&S. As they lvl up, have the trainers make all the choices for them including enhancements. But w/ a voice dialog explaining their new enhancements.

    Put in some low level crafting to walk players through the DDO crafting system. Something as good as Greensteel; but, for levels(5-15).

    Absolutely no fetch quest though. New or old, no one plays a game to be an errand boy.

    As far as EVIL goes. This Game Addition would put DDO on top of the MMO market IMO. Again, Very easy to do.

    Story line:
    A portal to a new plane has been discovered. Upon entering this amazing plane(p2p of course), one discovers it is an area of great wealth & magical items. The creatures here XXXX, have their on goverment(army) & trading system(auction house). Many Elite adventures await the citizens of Stormreach at all levels. However....

    At the same time, an identical portal was opened from this alternate plane to an Identical Stormreach except for one minor issue. The citizens of this Stormreach are all EVIL. And, thus a battle is born to control this new plane.

    Once Evil controls certain areas, they hire "Goblin" guards to protect it while they adventure. Likewise, when Good controls it, they hire Gnomes. Thus, opening up to new (p2p) races.

    I would also call for corps looting. Not stuff that is bound to your character. But, anything else that you have recently looted, spell components, arrows, traps .... Nothing makes your hands shake from pure adrenaline then when that "red" pk'er pops on your screen, and opens up a can of whoop.

    Once implemented, Existing characters will be given a choice to stay "Good" or go to the darkside. Muwhaaahaahaaa!(Maintaining server balance tho)

    True Neutral players can roll either direction. (Spy's)

    Good Players stay in the existing Stormreach; and, if they so choose. They never have to see an "Evil" player.

    On the sunny side:
    This type of player movement could help w/ server loads. And, attract lots of new players.

    On the snowy side:
    This type of content appeals to the adolescents dropping F-bombs and racial slurs. These type of players have caused me to leave other games. I really like the mature community that DDO offers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vordax View Post
    Nice pic. And, a valid point. I notice you didn't pic a character w/ "Misc" bonus and other cryptic enhancements.

    What about BAB and Attack Sequence?
    "Poor is the pupil who does not surpass his master." - Art quote by Leonardo da Vinci

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