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    Talking Making a Hexblade

    Re-Writing this

    Thinking of making a Hexblade, how should I do so? FvS/fighter or a Cleric/Fighter, Fighters in there for the extra feats and the Kensia (being that i'd level him to 6 to get the first rank) and using the Divine casters powers to induce negitive effects (inflict wounds) and such, thoughts?
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    Aren't hexblades arcane casters by definition?

    So this would be some sort of semi-evil warrior priest?

    I suspect that you will find that inflict spells do anemic damage compared to the kensei beating things up.

    And a variety of other multiclassed toons without vowels thnk/r/s/rbll/sgmp

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    Hexblade ... CHA-based arcane caster. Primarily a self-buffer with some funky odd spells. Not sure if you really every played one in 3.x but there really weren't enough spell slots to spend casting direct damage of any sort. Generally buff (greater magic weapon, improved invisibility) and maybe a hound of doom or polymorph. In reality, few folks ran them all the way up and instead used them at 2/3/4 for the benefits and then jumped into a PrC.

    Pal 6 / Sorc 12 / Monk or Fighter 2?

    Pity Acolyte of the Skin isn't around.
    Ghallanda - now with fewer alts and more ghostbane

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