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    Default PVP pecking order, yes or no?

    This is my ordered list of the top pvp classes and variants for "anything goes" fighting (stuns, dances, dispels, songs, slayer arrows...etc).

    Basically a list (based on my observations) of who is going to win more often against the general population. It assumes access to useful pvp gear of course.

    No direspect to anyone's classes, this is just what I've noticed from extensive observation from the platform while I'm a ghost

    1) Shintao Monk - able to stun anybody instantly with high DC Kukan Do or Tomb of Jade, closes quickly and kills.

    2) WF Pale Master with Wizard Past Life - Immune to bard songs for the most part, has the quickest and most reliable means of discharging an ioun stone. Can do high damage which can't be blocked, then pws to win. Can still do damage while blocking with a tower shield.

    3) Virtuoso Bard - Can dance most people instantly with Song of Capering (highest DC CC effect in the game?). With higher risk, may sometimes get close enough to a pale master and use Music of the Dead to stun it, then kill (difficult if it has an ioun stone). A bard with ranger splash and manyshot may be useful with str/con sapping bows.

    4) WF Wizard or Sorcerer with Wizard Past Life - Past Life missiles, and able to clear ioun stones quickly. Not immune to Bard songs. Can beat AA's with tactics and an easily accessible block button (as long as the AA is not already in the arena waiting).

    5) Arcane Archer - Able to apply a lot of pressure and can one shot a lot of other classes if they are not blocking. Beaten easily by the Monk and Bard above, can be beaten easily by Arcanes with Wiz Past Life who use the right tactics and have good timing.

    6) WF Wizard - Can swap pvp spells in and out at will, usually has all metamagic feats. Better with a splash for evasion. Can increase reflex saves significantly with a feat.

    7) WF Sorcerer - Fast casting speeds and abilitiy to spam spells to apply pressure. Lower DC's than the Wizard.

    8) Cleric/FvS - Cometfall, healing, and various other damage spells, has a very hard time against people with Ioun Stones. Better with a splash for evasion.

    9) Other Bards, Non WF Arcanes and Ranged Builds

    10) Melee Builds (Paladins, Fighters, Barbs, non-Shintao Monks, Rogues)
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