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    Quote Originally Posted by hityawithastick View Post
    As far as I've seen, no enchantment [mind-affecting] spells, powers, whatever, will hit a PM. Chill touch will cause fear, although fearsome armor will not. PWS will stop us Dancing will not. Enthrall still lands (such a pain!).
    If you absolutely, positively need to stop a Pale Master, try Halt Undead. It's like hypnotism for dead people.

    (Also, we're not immune to blindness)

    PvP is awesome.

    As regards's just so entertaining to watch them running around failing all their saves and trying to fix themselves up. And then before you know it, ding! Toast's done!

    And clerics...well, I don't fight clerics. >_>;;
    You should, we're pretty squishy when we're trying to fail our saves against your stuns/holds/instant kills :P

    In all reality, never try to melee a l17+ cleric if your fort save sucks. More importantly, stay out of the PVP arena if your fort save sucks. We will make mincemeat out of you. And then we will hold you and watch as you eat dual Heavy Picks with +8 seeker bonuses when you finally make that fort save.

    In all reality, if played right, Clerics, and any other class, can be beast at PVP. Let's see, I can hold you, Cometfall you then cast a Defic Vengence on you, throw up an Implosion aura and get the melees off me, use a Radiant Servant to epicly own that Pale Master that's trying to cast Delayed Blast Fireball on me, and all while running my own healing aura, spellpoint and Platnium free

    Back to the OP: PM Wiz.

    The game should allow them to be "healed" or "cured" just to negate that half of their OPishness. But, they are PM for a reason. They need some boosts for certain things and nerfs in others. PVP needs a nerf. If I could trigger my aura 100% of the time I would too
    Quote Originally Posted by TheLegendOfAra View Post
    Welcome to Argo, where our end game players are constantly striving for new and exciting ways to make themselves more gimp, and continually working towards progressively more pointless goals.
    BYOH. Know it, abide by it, or don't mess with those who do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisgina39 View Post
    contral undead(yes the charm it works lol)
    halt undead
    chill touch
    Control Undead - Prot Evil
    Halt Undead - Fom
    Chill Touch, you need to get close.

    I don't get it.
    Sweep Pick or Die!
    Quote Originally Posted by JollySwagMan View Post
    But in terms of actual quest ideas, perhaps something where Halflings ride around on Warforged in battle-backpacks with shoulder-mounted repeating crossbows.

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