I have made a Bard/Barbarian/Rogue and I am haveing a lot of fun with it. I am trying to decide though if I should do 12 levels in Bard, 6 levels in Barbarian, and 2 levels in Rogue or if I should mostly go Bard. That is 17 levels in Bard, 1 level in Barbarian, and 2 levels in Rogue.

Is the ability to Frenzy Barbarian prestige worth the sacrifice of the other 5 levels in Bard? Should I consider do 12 levels in Barbarian and only 6 levels in Bard?

I am going Warchanter in Bard (which adds another rage to Barbarian). I want to be able to use two handed weapons, and do Rogue stuff. The overall theme is to Solo when I want to, but still be able to be useful to parties who are looking for a Theif/buffer. And lastly to be able to fight up front and not feel like a gimp.

Any suggestions with this build would be most apreciated.