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    Default DDO Cocktail Hour Ep 38, Tomes

    CTH, Episode 38, Tomes

    The Cocktail Hour returns with a vengeance this week as we talk about tomes, reincarnation, and other inappropriate things! The team also talks about upcoming movies, games, and Samius rants (a lot) about Green Steel! Listen to find out what Samius Gurobo is getting for Christmas! Thanks so much for listening!

    HERE is the link for the episode! Just left click and play or right click and “save as” to download!

    You can also listen from our home on cyberears HERE

    What are you drinking?
    Holiday Special! Skaggy the Poet CtH Poem
    Twitter Question: It's on!! #CtHqa name your shiny! What game are you looking forward to playing In the next year? How many hours a week do you give DDO?
    Movie talk! (Tron 2!)
    Christmas Presents!
    Bonus Question!
    Bardcast… so what happened to that?
    The Shrining, by Agg DDO
    Min 2 or LIT 2
    Reach us at
    Outro & Toast

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    Talking Feedback!

    Skaggy, that was not a poem. It was more of a song. I know this because my ears bled a little bit.

    I enjoyed the show. I actually dug the Green Steel discussion. Probably more than I will enjoy the Green Hornet or Green Lantern. Less than The Green Mile. More than the Green Goblin or Green Arrow (but less than Black Canary). More than Mr. Green Jeans. More than Green Eggs & Ham--I do not like them Sam I Us.

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    Hmmmmm, Colored Ham!

    Co host of Cocktail Hour with Lessah and Samius! and my new blog for my real thoughts on DDo and everything else. Nothing but good stuff i swear.

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    "Skaggy, that was not a poem. It was more of a song. I know this because my ears bled a little bit."

    I prefer not to call it a song as that brings to mind melody, harmony and tunefulness, I would call it more of a beer induced throat clearing.

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