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    Talking Our DM gaves us transportation!

    In my bi-weekly PnP group (V 2.0) we have been on a very long trek to a town on the other side of our known maps ( module B1-9 In Search of Adventure modified to V 2.0 rules )
    The adventure got to be a pain, as we had to walk & drag all of our stuff!
    4 of us kept asking for a chance roll to get some horses.Well 3 weeks later we got our chance.

    We ran across a band of kinder & very nice lizardmen (lol) and strong armed them and stole their mounts!

    12 frakin mules! That didnt like dwarves! ( go figure! 3 of us are dwarves)

    MULES! Pfft! If anyone has ever tried to mount a mule in PnP you'll know what I'm getting at.

    Needless to say, our DM is a bit twisted, and he runs his dungeon like all good DMs' from hell!

    My advice to you PnP players stuck in an outdoor instance, don't ask for a ride!

    But then, this is the same DM that "magically" greased our rope so we couldnt hide in our portable holes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ferd View Post
    But then, this is the same DM that "magically" greased our rope so we couldnt hide in our portable holes!
    Had my party try to hide in a hole like that from a party of assassins. One of the assassins picked it up not knowing what it was and dropped it into his bag of holding dumping both parties in front of 2 dozen very surprised gith scouts in the astral plane.
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    Default yeah

    Yeah you are scr**ed. You are playing Basic (not even 2.0) modules and horses did not appear until EXPERT!

    Guess you got to wait for the blue box.
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    Default Problems I have with this post...

    You mention the following:

    1. BI
    2. Drag
    3. Mounting
    4. Greasing Ropes

    Is it just me or does this sound like a Village People reunion party?

    Happy Holidays!
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    My characters ride in Imperial Star Destroyers. It's just how I roll.

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