One may complain about the following reasons:

- 1 Hit KO (Maximized/Empowered/Xachosianed Spell)
- Crowd Control (Irresistible Dance, Song of Capering, Flesh to Stone, etc)
- Spell Absorption items (Mantle of Worldshaper, Lavender Ioun Stone, etc)
- No sneak attacks (against Heavy Fortification users)
- 500+ complaint threads in the PvP forum.

The development of the players' characters carry out different tasks (cast wall of fire, level draining , "intitanking", crowd controll, mass healing, etc) and thus have different weaknesses (low Hit Points, low saves, low dps, etc). Since the end game dungeons (elite, epic quests) require the character to focus pretty much in one task, the weaknesses are even bigger (deadly barbarians with will save 10, lows 400 HP characters, etc).

Indeed, there is not a perfect versatile character (not even 18/2 wizard/rogues), and that's the taste of Dungeons & Dragons (as well as Dungeons and Dragons Online): A party of adventurers, each player having his or her own area of specialty that contributes to the success of the whole. Furthermore, the party of adventures faces challegenges (solvables, for player's sake) made by the Dungeon Master (DM).

When most of the PvP haters say "DDO is PvE oriented" (and complain making other comments) they are right; although, they often forget to talk about the D&D mere essence as explained above.

However, we can enjoy balanced PvP battles as long as we organize it ourselves in a Encounters & Dragons setting.

Encounters & Dragons

The Encounter
It's a battle between The Adventurers (2 or more players) against The Encounter Boss (1 or more players playing the role of a great evil force). The place, level requirements, and rules are set by the Encounter Master. As long as the battle is balanced, it is a successful encounter. The Encounter Rules may add more balance than the difference between the players' level though.

The Encounter Master
In D&D, the Dungeon Master (DM) is the adventure organizer. Similarly, the EM organizes the challenge of the encounter by setting the place and the rules. The DM often is the Encounter Boss.

The Encounter Rules
There are many factors that create a real challenge. The DM may set several or few restrictions for The Adventurers and the Encounter Boss:
- Spells (some offensive spells, healing, buffs, etc)
- Spell Amplification
- Enhancements Spells alike (attack speed, songs, etc)
- Enhancement Stat items
- Potions
- Race
- Others
Since at low levels we have more character restrictions (spells, items, potions, etc), it is easier to set a battle among low level characters.

The Adventurers (the players)
They must be willing to follow the Encounter Rules. In order to fulfil the level requirements, they may have to create a new character and grind it up to level 4. This allows players to join Encounters & Dragons in other servers (Argonnessen, Ghallanda, etc). Nevertheless, the EM may decide that any player of any level play as an adventurer following some extra restrictions.

The Encounter Boss (usually the EM)
They play the role of a dungeon boss (such as Arraetrikos, Demon Queen Lailat, Horoth, Suulomades, etc). Mercy and prudence is required. Good looking items (gear, weapons, etc) beat useful ones.
- They may just equip a weapon and an armor (both good looking).
- They may not use Maximize, Empower, Potency, Efficacy alike buffs to improve damage
- They may not use +Stat Enhancements items to improve attack bonus, damage bonus, and spells' diffculty checks.
- They may not use unavoidable abilities or spells (Irresistible Dance, Song of Capering, Energy Drain, Ray of Enfeeblement, Feeblemind, etc) as often as the avoidable ones (Web, Otto's Sphere of Dancing, Directional Spells, etc).
- The more Hit Points the better.

In addition, they may chat while they are being hit by The Adventurers, playing a good role as a devil boss.

-Encounter Boss: Hahaha, you foolish scum, feel the pain! (throws Comet Fall, Delayed Blast Fireball, Manyshot, Whirlwind, Greater Cleave, etc)
-The Adventurers: *running away till the berserk fades* *the barbarian didn't run away, he died*

It's Good to be Bad
The Adventurers may play the role of great evil force fighting the Encounter Boss (a holy cleric, paladin, favored soul, etc).

Setting an Encounter - Easy as it looks -
In the LFG window, the Encounter Master may post "E&D", "Encounters & Dragons", or any phrase tha resumes the idea of the party. Since every Encounter Master can create a different set of Encounter Rules (regarding to the background of the encounter, balance, etc), the rules should be posted previously here in this thread, in the forums, in guild forums, etc. Then, the EM must send a link of the post with his or her Encounter Rules.

E&D will prevent the PvE changes because of the PvP consequences. There is still a hope for PvPers, but you gotta work for it.