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    I only look at my combat logs if my character dies. How about you?

    I will occassionally notice my character made a save vs. this or that attack, but 99.99% of the time, unless my character dies, I am blissfully ignorant of stuff that doesn't kill me.
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    I seperate my chat windows such that my party chat is one, guild chat another, combat log, party loot. I set all but party chat up as transparent. In the combat log, I disable my own actions, zero-damage hits and stuff. Now my combat log is only visable when I take a hit. If I'm in the heat of combat, getting hit for significant damage, I can quickly glance to see what the damage type is. Also, if the whole party gets hit with some type of AOE, I try to take a glance and suggest folks get the appropriate resist up.

    The combat log would be a lot better if we could customize it more. Custom colored text would be big.
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    I use it in a similar way to Parvo, on my monk if I see my SR going off I like to see what I am resisting as well.
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    What settings would I want to use so I can see how often my guards are proccing?
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    All rolls are posted in combat logs

    /roll 1d100

    It can call out a "fake" roll

    Thats all I use it for ... I tried keeping it up on screen, but it was too much for my small screen

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