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    Default Relic of the Sovereign Past

    Just over a year ago, I would have been nervously anticipating this very long quest in The Core. My memories of running it in my first non-PD guild, and then in Mortal Voyage, and off-and-on in pug runs, made me guess it would be a pretty tough grind.

    It wasn't. The advent of mana-rich favored souls, the rapier from Sentinels, and other factors made this one a breeze. Nazgorian and Thweetrock (both level 12, so underlevel for this level 12 on hard) stunned, tripped, and beat the snot out of everything that moved. And if it couldn't be stunned, it was just roughed up in an old-fashioned way. Mediocre weapons for the most part (Thweetrock is still using the Antique Greatax from the Carnival, and Moslizax is using Carnifex at times), no arcane, and hardly any consummibles used.

    Holysun (level 11 favored soul) won the roll off for the adamantine ore and a blacksmith whipped up a heavy fort necklace for him.
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    Forgot roll call...

    Moslizax, level 13 elf warchanter
    Glenwiser, level 13 dorf warchanter
    Thweetrock, level 12 dorf fighter
    Nazgorian, level 12 human fighter
    Holysun, level 11 elf favored soul
    Missaka, level 11 human rogue/mutt

    Mis's character is not spelled right, but he's the runt of the bunch and deserves no better.

    The Core HC Permadeath Guild
    HC stands for Hard Core
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    Hah! Nice. Looks like some serious killers there. I bet that crew makes things dead fast.
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