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    Default WF - 18/2 (Fighter / Rogue)

    Looking for some build adivce.

    WF - 18/2 (Fighter / Rogue)

    Fighter - Either - Kensei III or Defender III
    Rouge - UMD + Skills, evasion is a bonus
    WF - They Rock!

    S - 16
    D - 15
    C - 16
    I - 12
    W - 6 <--- Its ok because I'm a WF (right?)
    CH - 10

    +1 Dex and +1 Int tomes
    Level ups, 1 to dex, the rest to str
    (I'm new and don't have a stack of +2,+3,+4 tomes)

    Rogue at 1 and 14

    Max UMD, Intimidate at leveling
    Some in Jump, Balance, Tumble

    1 Mitheral Body
    2 TWF
    3 Toughness
    3 WF Slashing
    5 WS Slashing
    6 OTWF
    7 ITWF - (Kensei I)
    9 GWF Slashing
    9 IC Slashing
    11 Exotic Khopesh
    12 GTWF
    13 GWS Slashing - (Kensei II)
    15 CE
    16 PA
    18 Dodge
    18 SWF Slashing
    19 (Kensei III)
    20 ?

    My thought was to level up as a kensei, and then go defender once I get the gear.

    I based it off the Big Rock Candy Mountain build. I am focusing more on DPS. But I would like the option to be a hate / intimate / AC tank by the end of the game, and still kill stuff too!!! I like the idea of being able to reset my enhancements either Defender, or Kensei.

    My questions
    OTWF - can I drop it??? +2 to hit??? is it worth it??
    Khopesh - Would Scimmys be acceptable to save a feat, and plat??
    Is Kensei III worth taking SWF Slashing to get?
    Jump, Tumble, Balance ?? - Split it up at 14? or go all out Balance?

    Other Feats to consider
    SF - Intimidate
    Shield Mastery
    FOP - should i mess with starting stats to figure this in?

    I have never had so many feats to choose from in a build. I had to plan it all out in order to get kensei and not mess up on the fighter feats.

    Any way, pick it apart and let me know how it looks !!!
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    Just some quick input. I would just get tumble up a point or need for more...Jump to 10..(maxes jump with a jump spell cast) and rest into balance.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks Arlo, good point about jump.

    I'm hoping to get some more input here, so lets see if a little bump will do the trick

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