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    Default Recommended Named Item Sets

    ** I've put this in the Guides and Strategies section, but it could almost just as easily fit in under New Player Advice (although not sure that many "new players" will find some of this gear immediately achievable), or even under General Discussion. Moderators: feel free to move to an appropriate location as you see fit. **

    So' I've been playing a while now, and, as many of us have, accumulated quite a lot of BtC and BtA stuff. Most of it I have had some use for as I worked my way through multiple lives.... and some of it.... well, not so much. Especially in the beginning, if something was part of a set, I would hunt down every piece religiously until I completed or upgraded the set. sometime it worked out well (Chronoscope), and other times I have found the sets to be, well, lets just say lackluster (looking at you Corsairs).

    So, thought I'd ask: what items or item sets have you found to be your go to when leveling a TR or new character, and why?

    As a start, fresh out of TR, I have personally found that the basic Korthos Island Item Sets are ok for the first hour or so, but tend to out-grow them very quickly.

    Level 5 to 8 (maybe even a little higher, depending on the class I'm playing): Chronoscopes Might of the Abershai is a win in my books.

    Levels 10 to 12 have always been kinda dry for me, and I have relies more on lootgen or self crafted items.

    Levels 13 to 16: Love me some Wrath of Sora Kell.

    Again, from 16 or so things tend to get boring for me until I can get to don my Secrets of the Artificers sets, specifically love the benefits of Fabricator's Ingenuity, and have found use for this set in almost every class. Almost! Casters have benefited more from Alchemist's Lore IMO. Would wear this all the way up to 20 and a little beyond while I get ready to TR again.

    Sets I have found less than useful or extremely underpowered (again, this is my subjective opinion):
    Red Fens
    3BC's Corsair's Cunning
    Korthos Island Item Sets beyond level 1 (includes gem of many facets)

    So, what's your opinion? What items or items sets have you found most useful that you'd recommend to others and a "must have" or "nice to have" while leveling heroics?

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    Exactly what i use. Might add some tod set as well from 18-20.
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    Don't forget the DM's Vision Set: Voice of the Master and Mantle of the Worldshaper. Those two are useful at any level.
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    Red fens items are quite good for melee and cleric at level 8
    And i usually keep them until level 11-13 where i replace them by Cannith Challenge items/Crafted items/Greensteel/...

    But you don't have to have the whole sets, most items are ok named items and having the set is just a small bonus

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    I'm not all that keen on a tremendous number of item sets, but the ToD ring/belt combination is still nice even today - especially for Monks, but really anyone can wear a ToD ring for a decent amount of time and get some good use out of it. Plus, ToD is still a fun raid even if it is easier than it used to be.
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    Here's a list to help you:
    ddo wiki

    here's my 2 cents on them,

    Korthos Island Item Sets; all out leveled by lv 5

    Chronoscope set; nice at level for certain builds only, outleveled fast. Never saw the use for the epic set (too much of a hassle) but couldbe nice twink gear for Epic tr's

    Red Fens Item Sets; marshwalker was nice for the running speed, the rest was rather meh, individual items were nice (deathblock helm). Epic: some sets are ok-ish, no must haves. stop wailing over your Claw set, better gear came allong :P

    Dm vision, i cary either one at the time, past lv 16 its easy to get true seeing, nice items to make an Augment out of though....
    True seeing was nerfed in U19

    Subterrane raid and Dragontouched Item Sets; outdated and not worth the grind (assuming you can find the peeps to run it.

    ToD sets; they used to be nice at lv 18, now that the sets are nerfed (working at lv 20 instead of 18) and the ease of getting better gear with coms (realy turbine????) they have becomme use "impaired". Still nice for monks but not a must have.

    Secrets of the Artificers sets: Easy enought to aquire, usefull for a whille, some sets clash terribly with must have gear in those same slots, stats on them are a bit outdated

    Commendation Item Sets: some are rubish, some have nice individual items (e.g. pdk gloves), some are considered nice (sun soul) by some.

    Planar Focus Item Sets: a bit of a coin toss here, if youre main focus weapon is a CitW weapon it could be nice, if not, dont bother.
    The prr/artifactbonus might be a reason to use one, the rest of the stuff can be found on better gear, the impact is not as high as you would expect from what was, back then, end game gear. some builds are better of with drow or FoT gear for example

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    Default Useful Trinkets

    The Voice of the Master is always on hand for quest completion and explorer area discoverables. During a quest I frequently go with the Greater Bold Trinket or the Shard of Xoriat and I keep a bottle of air on hand for the odd occasion. Have been neglecting my Ioun stones.

    What other trinkets do you find useful?
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    in heroic content? i used to like the bloodstone, before better stuff came out
    at low lv, the canith crafted haste trinket/cove trinkets/ioun stones, spyglass

    Litany is still popular, pale geen iounstone
    shamanic fetish, kardins eye (both epic)

    There are many nice trinkets out there depending on build

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    For my TR

    1-4: wear Korthos or random gear
    5-8: wear Chrono set
    9: cannith mastercraft +6 stats and random gear
    11-12: add GS to the mix and random gear
    13-19: any random gear that's an update
    20: sell all non-bound gear, TR to new class

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    Quote Originally Posted by lyrecono View Post
    Red Fens Item Sets; marshwalker was nice for the running speed, the rest was rather meh,
    Exactly. 24% striding on an ML7 set is full of win. I typically wear Mire from 7 to 17, then switch to rocket boots. Jump, Balance, Spearblock and Underwater Action too? Sure!

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