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    Default DDOcast Episode 194 (11-20-10)

    Episode 194 is late due to technical issues with the upload process, but it is now ready! Here's a LINK to the episode - just left-click to play, right-click and 'save as' to download as an mp3. You can find DDOcast on iTunes, the Zune Marketplace and

    This week's show features DDOcast's new hosts Sigfried and Anne with Guest Hosts Rowanheal, FoPo, and a new guest, Serros from Thelanis Guild, The Madborn. Inside this episode we have a few new items added to the Update 8 Notes on Lammaland, Bugs and how to report them, CritFishing with Firewall, and Crunchy Bits Live. We also have a new segment of "DDO Poetry Corner" and "Premium Perspecitve." Thanks so much for listening!


    DDOcast Episode 194 (11-20-10)

    :10 Intro
    1:27 Updates on EU Transfers
    2:01 MyDDO Updates
    2:25 In-Game Bugs! Flikering Monsters
    4:15 DDO Store News
    5:59 Brocktober videos Due
    7:00 QA Blog on MyDDO
    11:38 Lammania Updates on U8
    13:32 Get to Know Our Guests! Fopo and Serros!
    23:15 DDO Community News
    29:29 CritFishing with Firewall
    38:38 Premium Perspective
    48:13 DDO Poetry Corner
    51:45 Turbine Releated news
    52:42 Listener Questions
    1:02:12 Turbine Related Industry News
    1:05:45 Crunchy Bits Live - Quest Walk-through of BAM
    1:23:30 Emails, Facebook, and Twitter


    TOTAL TIME: 1:44:15


    LINK for EU Transfer Updates

    LINK for DDO Store RSS Feed

    LINK for NightShayde's Guide to Bug Submissions

    LINK for New Lammania U8 News

    LINK for Luacan's PUG Experiments on Thelanis

    LINK for Lammania Changes to Firewall

    LINK for Lammania changes to Ice Storm

    LINK for DDO Source #16

    LINK for Cocktail Hour #38

    LINK for Eisenguard for LOTRO

    LINK for Turbine teams up with CDC Games for China's Release of LOTRO F2P

    LINK for Jagex pwns PalTalk

    LINK for Free-to-Play Model Taking Over Online Games Industry

    LINK for Parks Associates's "Online Gameing: Global Outlook" Summary

    LINK for DDO Wiki's Quest Notes on "A Relic of a Sovereign Past"


    Hotline for Voicemail and Live Calls: (650) 336-5424 Yes that's (650) DDO-LICH
    UStream URL:
    Twitter:  ddocast
    DDO Forum Names: Theris and Sigtrent


    Anne and Sigfried
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