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    Default Which feat should I take?

    I am about to take part in an ebberon campaign on a website called mythweavers. I have the concept worked out but I am left with a spare feat. The plan is a valenar elf which will take levels in revenant blade (found in the players guide to ebberon page 144) and intend to be a party scout who will warn the party of what's ahead and then will flank the enemy during the initial charge.I will wield a double scimitar and will function as the main tank if nessacery. I am unsure what favoured enemys to take as well as my spare feat and would like some help.
    The feat bladebearer of valenar basicly causes any feat that would improve my skill with the falcion,scimmy or double scimmy makes it affect all 3. I am unsure if this will cause weapon focus to give me an +3 to hit.
    My charecter sheet

    The book with revenant blade in. Its on page 44.
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