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    Default The Core Cracks the Diplomat

    Finally got it done. On hard difficulty. A bit hard to manage the resources when you're in a quest for the first time ever and skip shrining, but we ended up completing it without using up consummibles. Boss fight was a mosh pit... I must say the atmosphere and design of the quest was pretty cool, especially looking at the Drooam forces from the overlook.

    Movenom, level 12 drow rogue
    Nazarrio, level 12 favored soul
    Glenwiser level 13 dorf warchanter
    Osgona, level 12 human arcane archer
    Missano, level 11 human mutt rogue/ranger
    Duudlee, level 10 human paladin/sorc.

    On to Framework before long...

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    I have to agree with you about the overlook, i even took a screenshot.
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    Very nicely done. Congrats and good luck with Framework.
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    Default OHHH Noes!..

    PermaDeath Framework will be pretty brutal!.. Keep your wits about ye.

    You could reroll a whole Guild in there if ye ain't careful!

    ----> CASE.
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