Short version: my char has one level of monk, two levels of ranger, and three levels of cleric. I have zen archery as my monk feat, and will be using bows more than melee, when nobody needs healed. All future levels will be cleric. Even though I plan on using bows when not healing, when the battle gets close, or when I'm going solo, what is my best option for a weapon? Handwraps? Kamas?

The benefits I see are as follows:
-only have to buy one to get a "matching set"
-don't need to buy extra bludgeon weapon for skeletons or oozes (I hate oozes with a passion)

-you can get vorpal
-because you buy two, you can have multiple weapon effects

-higher potential for casting-related benefits

I know that the higher I go, the less my melee skills will come into play, but for now, which would be better? Will the answer change as I progress in levels?