I would appreciate a "last on" tab on the friends list. As a 2xTR I play with lots of casual players. After TR I can't play with them for a while, but will eventually catch back up. I have one friend that I loved running with. He's level 17 now and I'm close to being able to run with him again but never see him on.

I would love to see who is still active and who has left the game. I guess that they would drop off after six months as they would be archived. I know one of my guildies dropped from the guild list after that time. Six months is at least two or three TRs though.

One other thing, with all the TRs out there it becomes really confusing to what they are NOW. It's nice to have all their past levels listed. I don't want that changed! It's really fun to have a newb ask how you can make level 54 since there's a 20 level cap (I'm guilty of asking that one myself back in my newblet days). I'm running pure so it's not a problem with me but when friends multi-class every life... wow.

Just some ideas.

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