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Thread: Teleport

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    Here's a thought.

    We already have set waypoints in wilderness areas, which we log as we travel through them. Explorer points.

    Why not allow the Teleport spell to take us to those? We can select the area, then select an explorer we've already gotten within that area.

    It covers the "Only teleport to places you've been" idea, yet doesn't break it by allowing much exploiting. It doesn't require the devs to code waypoints into the areas, or ways to set your own waypoints, since the waypoints are already added to the areas. It's just a matter of adding them to the teleport target list.

    Of course, I'd settle for adding more areas to teleport(Korthos, The Twelve, the entire list of Greater Teleport locations, the Red Fens, Lordsmarch Plaza...), but if we're already adding new locations it would be nice to give the explorers a use.

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    [common knowledge]When you re-do a recent quest or return to a wilderness area after it resets, even if you have been to the zone recently the map is not completely clear.

    In fact you now have to three sets of shading: bright for areas you have seen in this venture into the instance, shadowed areas you have seen in previous runs, or black for areas you haven't been to yet according to this stored map.[/common knowledge]

    So a simple solution would to allow you transport to any brightly lit areas on your map, this would also prevent additional zerging or teleporting directly into an instance you are not re-entering before the reset.

    This reasoning still doesn't help with the z coordinate issue, and it falls apart for some quests such as The Pit which I recall does not have a standard map.

    A work around for the quest issue is to only allow it within, to, and from public instances and places wilderness zones in the brightly lit map category. I would say the mishap mechanic would need changing though, possibly change it to a chance of being hurled off course in the zone you are aiming for? Possibly with some damage involved.

    Without better maps the z axis issue will be a tremendous problem
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    Quote Originally Posted by chrichton View Post
    How about add a new spell called "CreateTeleportation Sigil", which marks a spot on a map as a teleportation destination. Have the sigil 'disintegrate' based on a timer, so that it will only last for a predetermined amount of time. Have any given map limited to the number of sigils that can exist at the same time.

    Then, when the TP spell is cast, a popup/map will show the caster what sigils exist and where, and then they can choose from them.
    For anyone else that ever played Ultima Online this sounds very familiar. You could create a rune with a spell then use that rune to teleport to that spot. They even had books that you could place several runes into and just pick the one you wanted.

    However, what happened in UO would happen in DDO. Everyone created runes to the rare spawns/chests and would just teleport around to each spot and check for them. While UO was geared towards this (everyone was in a dungeon not just your party) here it would just increase the prices of EVERYTHING as everyone would be ransacked on all of those chests.

    Good idea in theory but I'd hate to see it in DDO.
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