A follow up post.
Kampfgruppe is on the Ghallanda Server


I had run Valhalla PD Guild - not to the ground - but I did have to leave the game/guild due to a change in careers. Sadly VPD fell apart.

I enjoyed running PD- but also realized the PD wasn't everyone's cup of tea, and I also wished to have opportunity to play with a set field of players within various styles. I also know that PD Guilds typically suffer from a "my guild is more PD than your guild".

I thought of an old group I used to belong to that called Kampfgruppe (hence the KG) that played numerous wargames. It was a "fusion guild" by definition in that all tactical games were welcomed.

In that spirit I am forming Kampfgruppe within DDO. Kampfgruppe will have numerous wings to it for differing style of play. I envision a "light PD wing, a standard PD wing, and a hard-core PD wing" one run on elite then done".

I also would like to see a Role Playing wing and perhaps some others like "The GIMPS" (I started that idea on Ghallanda a long while back) a Dead Pool wing where the fallen PD can still keep their adventurer but run in open groups, and of course an open play wing.

There would be two underlying principals for all the wings.

1 - We would rely on each other and not the economic structure of the game (AH/Brokers/Cheap Magic/Store) to gain our gear. Trading/vendors/store access would be very limited to also bring about an economic intensity and the model of you use what you pull. One definite thing would be that the brokers and the AH would be off limits.

2 - The second factor is that players would be mature in attitude and have a sense of being "intrinsic motivation" to play by the limitations of the type of play they enjoy. Teamwork and tactics would be stressed, but also a real espirit de corps.

One factor that made VPD tough as a guild leader was that a few wanted to bend/break the rules - and to be honest I come here to have fun, and not be a cop.

In closing - if this framework for a guild interests you - look me up (It's a guild of one for now) and/or go to the web site listed - register and leave a message about what type of play interests you.

A disclaimer - the PD sections would have to start at Level One - unless you have a VPD character who has played by that rule-set and hasn't expired.


The very nature of this guild would mean that there would have to be some discussion about the nuances of various wings - so if you would like to have a voice in the forming of a different type of guild from the start, give us a look over.

New players and veterans welcome. Maybe a newbie wing:

See you in the game.