It is cold and it is dark.

I hear a voice. I have heard it before, it is my brother the Cannith researcher. Somehow he as brought me back. "You are complete. You must go out and find your own way, my experiments are done. Nobody must know that you are alive, NOBODY! If the thieves guild finds you are still alive it will be both our heads. You have a new body, that is the best I can do with what was left of you. You should be able to move soon. I am leaving while I can. Fare thee well brother"

I think to myself "Why do I feel so strange?" When I can finally move I sit up and look down at my legs in horror! What happened?! Those are warforged legs! I rush to look in a mirror to see my reflection is not my own. I am in a Warforged body! A human trapped in a robot? How? Well I suppose I should be greatful. The rogues guild will never suspect me in this body.
I gather my axe and leave his lab into a snowy little town. My new life begins...

((I would like to join the team as a hero. I am level one working towards 4 for 15th meeting))