I am just returning to DDO after about a 6 month layoff. I am looking for 1 or more players to try to get a semi normal group going with.

I play usually around 8pm-midnight PST and 6am-10am PST with Wed/Thurs off and I will play at various times during those days.

I have a 28 Sorc / 26 Fighter / 17 Fighter. I plan on getting the 17 Figher to 28 then TRing him back to 1 as a Human Paladin. I also have a 5 Arti I will be leveling. The toon I play will mainly depend on who I am playing with and what groups are out there. I like soloing to a point but grouping is funner generally.

Just PM me here or email me at sehenry10@gmail.com and let me know what class/lvl/playing times you have and we can see what we can do =)