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    Default Drawn by Fate - a static RP Guild & Group

    Drawn by Fate
    A Role-Play Guild

    Drawn by Fate is a new Role-play Guild on Sarlona. We are a group of adventurers, inexplicably wound together by a trick of destiny, trying to navigate our way through the world of Eberron.

    What sets Drawn by Fate apart from other Role-playing guilds is that we have a Static Group within our ranks. Our static group follows a weekly schedule, and adheres to a weekly leveling guide.

    Aside from our static group, we also allow players from all over the World of Eberron to join us in our quests. Anyone who wishes to join a fun, safe, and mature role-playing environment is encouraged join!

    (Last Updated March 19th 2011)

    Guild Recruitment:

    - Drawn by Fate is now Recruiting! If you would like to join Drawn by Fate, please read through the first five posts of this thread. This will give you a better idea of who we are and what we do, as well as what is expected of you as a member. If after reading the thread you'd still like more information on who we are, feel free to attend one of our weekly meetings. If after doing that you'd still like to join, you can either reply to the thread or contact one of our Officers in-game: Gova, Ragnarorc, Valtrun, Brighthelm, or Dunklin .

    News & Announcements:

    Drawn by Fate is pleased to announce that it will be having its first Vault of Night guild-run! Congratulations everyone, and keep up the good work! Good luck with that warded chest

    -If you would like to see a different meeting time represented that better suits your needs, please contact me.
    -If you're interested in forming your own static time, please contact me.

    Weekly Meeting Schedule:

    Static characters must attend their Team's meeting each week. Repeated absences may result in removal from the static team by that team's leader. Static characters may only quest with their static group, but may log on anytime during the week to run in-game errands (auction house, mail, brokers, etc.). If you'd like to play more than what is offered by the static team, join the Guild as a Free Agent.

    Free agents are not required to attend a weekly meeting, but may do so if they see fit.

    Tuesday - 10pm EST to 12am EST / 2am GMT to 5am GMT - Group Leader: Feyjhan (~level 10) [NOW RECRUITING]
    Thursday - 9pm EST to 12am EST / 2pm GMT to 5pm GMT - Group Leader: Ulka (~level 7) [NOW RECRUITING]
    Sunday - 4pm to 7pm EST / 9pm GMT to 12am GMT - Group Leader: Dunklin (~level 8) [FULL]

    Tuesday's team has an open spot, please contact Thoom on the forums or Feyjhan in-game for more information.
    Thursday's team has an open spot, please contact Postumus on the forums or Ulka in-game for more information.

    *NEW* Wednesday Static with a meeting time of 6pm EST to 9pm EST is recruiting. Please contact Keplih to apply, or post in this thread!
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    Rules & Guidelines
    Please review these before applying to join the Guild. These are not set in stone, are subject to change, and aren't meant to be intimidating. Rather, they exist solely to keep us all on the same page.

    All Members of the Guild must adhere to our Rules.

    - This is a role-play Guild, and our characters should reflect that. No "britneeyspearz" allowed. In-character names & biographies please.
    - If you'd like to join the Static Group, but the class you'd like to play is already occupied, you can either wait until a new Group opens up, or join as a regular Guild member.
    - Static Group members are known as Heroes, while non-Static guildies are known as Free Agents.
    - Since we are all leveling at our own pace, try not reveal any Spoilers in Guild or Party chat.
    - You don't have to know everything about the Eberron Campaign to role-play with us, the wonderful game designers did most of the work for us! (But it wouldn't hurt to brush up a little on your lore..)
    - This is a role-play guild, therefore all guild & group messages should be in-character. If you want to go OOC, you can use tells, trade, advice, or general chat. We also have our own Guild Channel, separate from Guild Chat, specifically for OOC communication. Ask an Officer for instructions on how to join this channel.
    - A little OOC chat is fine for Guild Chat, but during our Static Group Times ALL Guild communication MUST be IC.
    - If you find yourself going OOC frequently, just stop talking in-guild or in-party, and take it to tells.
    - Harassment of any kind will NOT be Tolerated.
    - Mature role-playing is acceptable through private means with consenting parties ONLY. For general/party/guild keep it rated PG-13. (Side Note: Any private Role-play is at your own discretion. The Guild is not your babysitter)

    Guidelines aren't as strict as our rules, and are intended to keep the flow of the story moving smoothly.

    - Every quest has a Dungeon Master. Every player can hear (or read) what the Dungeon Master says. If the Dungeon Master tells you "Kill the guards and pull the lever," you do not have to ask, in character: "What do we do now?", everyone already knows, the DM told us! Same goes for explanations, they're not needed, we already know, the DM told us!
    - There needs to be a suspension of disbelief when entering quests. You the player may have already done this quest, but you the character has not; please act accordingly.
    - On a related note, specifically going the WRONG way or doing something you KNOW does not move the quest forward is not "role play" or "in character," it's annoying. Only behave in this way if its actually moving the role-play in a positive direction.
    - If you're grouping with players who are not in the Guild, please be mindful of the fact that you are a representation of our Guild, and your behavior for good or ill reflects back on us.
    - We are NOT a permadeath guild, but if someone does happen to die, we shall try to handle it as in-characterly as possible. In the event that someone dies, their soulstone becomes their "corpse."
    - Dead players can only communicate with characters who have the Turn Undead ability (Clerics, Paladins) or Palemasters (Wizards). Everyone else can see the dead player's Ghost, but cannot hear him/her.
    - Romance between guild mates is discouraged, but not forbidden. If you want to role-play with your real-life partner, that's fine. Same goes for characters who want to "role-play" a relationship. Otherwise, Keep it professional.

    The following rules only apply to members of the Static Group.

    Static Rules:
    - In order to be considered for the Static Group you must commit to attending one weekly meeting per week, as well as adhering to the weekly leveling guide.
    - If you are having trouble meeting the week's level goal, you can stay -1 below it.
    - Conversely, if you are gaining experience rapidly, you may not level +1 above the week's goal.
    - One of our Guild's priorities is to always have a balanced group. As such, new static members have to meet certain class requirements.
    - Each class must be equally represented among the Guild's Heroes.
    - There will be "groups" of classes, each one consisting of 11 players. Once a group reaches 11, the 12th Hero will be the first member of the next group.
    - The groups are not segregated, and are only a means to make sure all classes are represented.
    - In our static meetings, we do not Zerg; We explore, we experience, we have fun. Not everyone moves at the same pace, so try to accommodate your play style to the other players (this works both ways).
    - Farming quests is frowned upon, but not strictly forbidden.
    - It would be nice to have a diverse race selection. Try not to go cookie-cutter, and try to keep things unique. Let's shake things up!
    - You don't have to solely play with the guild, but it is encouraged. If you miss a weekly meeting, and need to quest in order to meet the weekly leveling schedule, pugging is fine.
    - NO TWINK GEAR, and no hand-me-downs from higher toons. Part of the fun comes from the challenge of starting out new. Of course, we can help each other all that we like. Trading & Auction House are fine as long as you earned the plat yourself.
    - If your main character is already on Sarlona, and you can't resist the urge to send yourself twink gear, change your character to a Free Agent.
    - No Multi-classing is allowed. The only exception to this rule is if you have a character in the Guild that reaches level 20, at which point you may True Reincarnate, and your new incarnation can multi-class any class you wish, regardless of whether or not it was your class in the past life.
    - In order to join the Guild, you must roll a new character. Static Group members cannot join over level 4.
    - The Static Group does NOT have a 6 person limit. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join our Guild's Heroes. If more than 6 players show up for a meeting, then we will split up into two groups.

    At every scheduled meeting, please allow time at the beginning for everyone to arrive, and time at the end to reflect on the adventurers you and your group have just completed.
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    Default Guild Roster

    Static Heroes
    Heroes are Drawn by Fate members that are part of one of our Static Groups. Heroes must attend their group meeting everyweek, only quest with that group, and remain the same level as the rest of their group.

    Team 1: (Recruiting)
    1. Favoured Soul - Feyjhan, Drow (Leader)
    2. Rogue - Dallog, Halfling
    3. Cleric - Fallane, Half-elf
    4. Fighter - Kylaeria, Elf
    5. Wizard - Asgorath
    6. OPEN

    Team 2: (Recruiting)
    1. Ranger - Ulka, Half-orc (Leader)
    2. Bard - Vorstagg, Warforged
    3. Paladin - Sinalain, Drow
    4. Rogue - Savill, Half-elf
    5. Wizard - Rustun, Warforged
    6. OPEN

    Team 3.
    1. Cleric - Dunklin, Dwarf (Leader)
    2. Rogue - Gyangles
    3. Barbarian - Kickingwing
    4. Bard- Driftsong
    5. Wizard - Delins
    6. Favored Soul - Figurine

    Team 4. [Under Construction]
    1. OPEN
    2. OPEN
    3. OPEN
    4. OPEN
    5. OPEN
    6. OPEN

    Free Agent Recruiters:
    1. Gova
    2. Valtrun
    3. Ragnarorc

    A Note on "Tentative" & "Wildcards":
    If there is a "tentative" after someone's name, it means that they are a member of that Group, but their class selection is still being decided. A Wildcard is open to playing any class.

    If you are interested in joining an on-going static, please contact that Team's Leader, or just post in this thread and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
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    Creating your Character

    One of the goals of the guild is to ensure there is always a Balanced Party available. As such, we follow a Class Roster for our Static members.

    The Same goes for your Character's race. While there are no hard rules about choosing a Race, I'd prefer that all races were represented equally. It's much more fun to role-play with a balanced group, where everyone is a different race and a different class.

    In PnP, there were some traits that added special bonuses to your character. Since we cannot actually implement said bonuses, these traits will be for RP purposes and character flavor. Each character must have at least one (1) trait from the following list. If you can't decide, just a roll a die!

    This list is meant to offer ideas and inspiration, if you don't see a trait you like, pick a new one.

    1. Alcoholic - You, well, you like the sauce...
    2. Allergic - You have a terrible allergy that impedes your everyday life. Roll for allergy.
    3. Amensia - You cannot remember anything about you, your family, your friends, or your past
    4. Asexual - You have no gender
    5. Arachnophobia - You are terrified of spiders, to the point of fleeing in panic
    6. Biblical Sense - You have had a past romantic relationship with Character X (roll for character)
    7. Blanche Devereaux - You're not a bad person, you're just twitterpated all the time.
    8. Beatrix Kiddo - You have a score to settle
    9. Bone Collector - You keep a bone from every red-named & boss you slay.
    10. Cassandra's Curse - You can see the future almost effortlessly, but your insights fall on deaf ears
    11. Crybaby - You cry when your feelings get hurt. Or when you get physically hurt. And sometimes both.
    12. Deeply Religious - You strictly adhere to your religious values and beliefs. Player may choose which deity they follow.
    12. Fable-ist - You don't necessarily lie..
    13. Foodie - You like to eat. A lot.
    14. George Costanza - You're careful with money. Very careful.
    15. Hoarder - Is that a cat in your inventory?
    16. Klutz - You fall over. A lot.
    17. Nobility - You are descended from Nobility. Could be one of the Houses.
    18. Pyrophobia - You are terrified of the flames.
    19. Racist - You deeply misunderstand and fear Playable Race X (roll for race), this expresses itself in anger & hate
    20. Real Housewife - You come from a very wealthy family, and like the finer things in life. A tad elitist, and a bit snobby
    21. Scientific Method - You are a complete Atheist, and there is a totally acceptable scientific explanation for all this magic
    22. Short Fuse - You lose your temper quite easily, to the point of being physically aggressive.
    23. Timid - You are very shy, especially around strangers, and don't offer information easily.
    24. Twins - You and Character X are twins. (this one will require cooperation from both parties).
    25. 6th Sense - You see (and hear) Dead people.
    26. Me Smash! - You enjoy breaking breakables, to the point where you ignore your other responsibilities.
    27. Storytime - You frequently break out in an unsolicited anecdote: "This reminds me of that one time, back in Khorvaire.."
    28. Free spirit - You were raised by free-thinking nature lovers on a commune. This has affected the way you see the world.
    29. Vegetarian - You don't eat meat, and are a champion of Animals.
    30. Bomberman - You enjoy setting off traps & explosives.

    Certain classes require you be of a specific alignment (Paladins must be Lawful Good, Bards must be any non-Lawful). While True Neutral is the chosen alignment for many, you may enjoy choosing an alignment that's more reflective of you as a character.

    You can take the official Wizards of the Cost alignment test at this link:


    Ask a Loremaster
    - Contains all the information you need to know about the Eberron campagin setting. If you have a role-play question or just want to get specific about your Character's backstory - this is the place to look.

    Monster Alignment & Types
    - Has a list of mobs and their current alignment. Great for helping you decide which weapon to use.

    Definitive Static Rewards & Unique Loot Thread
    - The title says it all!

    Beholder Physiology 102: Eyebeams
    - Very useful information on how to successfully attack Beholders, and live to tell about it!
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    Default Incredible Potential

    This post's power has not been fully unleashed. When this post is combined with 9 Shavarath War Trophies and an Imbued Shard of Great Power in an Altar of Subjugation, its full potential will be revealed.

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    This post may have a future use other than its current one.

    For now, please take the time to introduce yourself to the Guild. Share as little or as much as you like. This way we can get an idea of all our Heroes and Free Agents, even the ones we rarely see in game due to different time zones & schedules.
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    Uh-huh i'm pretty sure a couple of people said they could ONLY play on a saturday and of course saturday and sunday is when i'll be turning up

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    Likewise, I can only come on weekends. (With the exception of this thursday being veteran's day.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkadios View Post
    Uh-huh i'm pretty sure a couple of people said they could ONLY play on a saturday and of course saturday and sunday is when i'll be turning up
    The Saturday meeting time is back on.
    Whoever said that Democracy doesn't work?
    Viva la Revolution!
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    Thanks for putting all the work into this. Bringing it together, the threads, coordination, everything.

    I really appreciate all the effort, and I'm sure the rest of us do too.

    I had a great time today finishing the Korthos village quests and the first couple outdoor quests. I thought everyone did well both play-wise and keeping in character.

    I'm looking forward to the next one.

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    I second that - thank you very much for all the work you've done to bring it together! *applauds and throws confetti*

    Here is a little intro for my character Deisyr (one of the 'heroes')... those who met her this afternoon have learned one or two other things about her...

    * * * * *

    A female figure crouches on a chair in the corner as though ready to spring away at the first sign of trouble. She looks to be human-sized but it's hard to tell her race - a dark hood shadows her features, a couple of untidy tufts of black hair peeking out from beneath it.

    Her clothing would seem to indicate she is used to living outdoors, and the bow strapped across her back confirms that she is likely a Ranger. She certainly seems wary enough, scanning the room often as she gnaws on a large turkey leg, ripping into the meat like one half-starved.

    Once she has picked every scrap from the bones, she wipes her greasy hands on the front of her shirt and looks around again. Supple fingers tipped with unusually long, yellowed nails tap impatiently on the table as she waits for the other survivors the barkeep had indicated may make their way to his inn. Perhaps there will be others who want to solve the mystery of the unseasonal weather and find a way off this island.

    From her in-game bio:

    Most people would not call Deisyr an attractive woman. Her nose is too wide, her eyes are too big... there's something just not 'right' about her appearance.

    She seems focused and quiet - very quiet - but certainly not ladylike... good grooming doesn't seem to be a priority, and her manners definitely could be improved!

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    Talking Hi!

    ...I'm afraid I haven't the time in my schedule to commit to a static group, but I'd love to skulk and observe when life permits, or perhaps provide occasional support... Have you any room for a semi-regular player, as I assume there will be no PuG opportunities for me to swoop in on? I hasten to mention that I am skilled at the game and a competent roleplayer to boot.
    Quote Originally Posted by Chai View Post
    Dragons cant be vorped.
    Wait! Where are you going? Come back here and die for my fleeting tactical advantage!
    Quote Originally Posted by jcTharin View Post
    Hityawithastick, the super-naked dragon-slayer.

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    Gah, my apologies, RL kept me from both meetings on Sunday, i plan to make the Tuesday meet, monk named Quoivat is sitting in the Wavecrest atm



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    Default Yay for Saturdays!

    Thanks for putting Saturday back to being available. This day and time works best for me. (I shudder to think of the headache you must have gone through to set up these times - a big applauds goes out to you.) I will also try to come on for Tuesdays as well. When I saw that the Saturday meeting was cancelled I was trying to make provisions so that I could commit on one day at least (Thurdays and Sunday afternoons were definitely out of the question for me). Now, I can commit to at least once, and possibly twice a week.

    Thanks again HalfOrcBeautyQueen for all of your effort.

    Hopefully I'll see some of you on Tuesday, if not, Saturday for sure.

    - Kylaeria

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    [Removed, due to extreme time constraints and not being able to meaningfully contribute to the guild. This character will not exist.]
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    Clayne Fourstring - Jack of All Trades, Riddlemaster - Sarlona
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    Quote Originally Posted by hityawithastick View Post
    ...I'm afraid I haven't the time in my schedule to commit to a static group, but I'd love to skulk and observe when life permits, or perhaps provide occasional support... Have you any room for a semi-regular player, as I assume there will be no PuG opportunities for me to swoop in on? I hasten to mention that I am skilled at the game and a competent roleplayer to boot.
    You would want to get on as a Free Agent then
    Member of Ron's Character Planner team.
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    I would like to challenge everyone about their traits. There seems to be several people (on the old thread) that were selecting the Alcoholic as their trait. Now I know that this seems fun and all, but it is really nothing new. Tried to find one you may not have thought of or done before.
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    Started a site on guildportal.

    It's by no means complete, will hopefully have it fully setup by the weekend.
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    Dwarven cleric level 2
    1) Drunk(he doesn't actually heh gets drunk being a dwarf and the ale is human be he drinks a lot)
    2) Religious he follows Thor

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    Thank you everyone for your kind words & support! It really means a lot, and I greatly appreciate it

    Great job on the Website, Martdon! I can see great things coming out of it.

    For this week's meetings, we will be finishing up the Korthos Wilderness quests, as well as doing Misery's Peak. The goal is to finish the meeting in the Leaky Dingy in the Harbor. Don't forget to get all your explorer/slayer/rares while in the wilderness!

    Today's (Tuesday's) pre-meeting discussion at 8pm is canceled due to time constraints. The meeting will start at 9pm EST as scheduled.
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