I can see it now...

some kid on a melee type puts spectrals and his only bloodstone up as stakes. I mean he is level 20, max DPS with dual khopesh. However, he challenged a level 20 Sorcerer with 3 wizard and 2 bard past lives. This sorcerer comes out of the battle untouched, and has just dominated the playing field against this first life level 20. He loses spectrals and only bloodstone, which had taken months to farm for, but eventually got one when someone felt bad for him and tossed it to him upon looting. This kid upset as ever, starts spamming general chat, or probably advice, about how this sorcerer cheated, or didn't play fair.

I don't really like this. It will just give people another excuse to complain and be vulgar about it in general chat. It already can get very bad, and I know that these people that start insulting each other typically lose access for a period of time.