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    Default Want to join/form a static group.

    I want to join a static group but if i can't find any that fit i will form one, classes i won't play: Rogue(might consider HOrc stick rogue :P) Pally/barb/fighter, don't mind monk, i like clerics, may consider FvS i like bards and rangers , arcane is something i've always wanted to play but never got past level 5 so would do that.
    Basically i'm at GMT so would like the group to be around that 7:00pm - 11:00pm(GMT) or maybe a bit later.
    Like roleplaying and might consider a permadeath group

    Send me a PM or reply to this thread

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    At Thursdays, the Ala Rubra Team plays from 8 PM to 10-11 PM EST. While the daylight time savings is over, the time has changed to 7 PM to 9-10 PM, but it still on your schedule time. (Half the team is brazilian, so we split the daylight time difference to not hit only the brazilian side).

    The team actually have a classic formation (fighter tank, rogue dps, sorcerer dps, favored soul healer), so we are open for absolutelly ANY character that wish to join. A bard, paladin or ranger would be great for sinergy, but we aren't picky.

    The worse kicker is: The team is on level 12. If you want, I can help you to level your character until level 9 or 10 and we get you inside the group from there.
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