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    Default bug/problem with craft planer (

    there is a problem with the planer. if u select '+5 xxx save', then the '+5 resistance' is 'implicitely' selected (purple color). also u can select '+5 resistance' independly from the 'saves'.

    Both lets u think that u can get a +5 on all saves with the item, but u cant!!! i just crafted a helm with intentionally (according planer):
    - heavy fort (+5 ac)
    - +5 resistance
    - +5 inherent acid resistance
    - +10 inherent acid resistance

    it turns out, thats not possible. u will only get (in my case) +5 will save.

    i double cecked if the planer provides diffrent recipes dependant on if u select '+5 will save' or '+5 resistance', its all the same.

    so if the dev of that planer is still arround, plz adjust the tool, so others dont spend their ingredients on the type of item i tried to create. it simply isnt possible.

    thx in advance

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    It isn't a problem with the planner. It's a problem with your understanding of how the planner works.

    I just created the exact same item.
    Notice how the +5 resistance has no tooltip?
    Notice how each specific save in recessed, just like your acid choices?
    Notice how underneath +5 resist, both fort and reflex are grayed out?

    The planner is fine.
    Your understanding of the planner is what was faulty.

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