Carrying this over from my post in Suggestions as things get lost in the crowd so easily/quickly there and thematically it actually fits here anyway:

Ideally what I'd actually prefer to see is the ability to copy the entire layout/chat preferences from one existing character to any other character, but I've not yet heard whether this is possible since UI layout/settings appears to be kept server-side in DDO. But failing that....

My one and only personal annoyance with creating new characters (and to a lesser degree, deciding to change something even on an existing character) is having to sort through all the chat tabs and change everything like I prefer. The existing UI is very tedious and clunky/clumsy at best in terms of setting up all the various forms of chat spam you want showing in each of your chat tabs/windows. What I would prefer is to be able to:

(1.) Right-click the chat tab one time & one time only, and a menu come up with checkboxes by each chat channel spam type.

(2.) Glance over the listing one time, click or unclick your personal choices.

(3.) Be done with it.

....instead of what we have now, which is:

(1.) Right click-->click spam type A off

(2.) Right click--->click spam type B off

(3.) Right click--->click spam type C on

(4.) Right click--->click spam type D off

(6. through 152.) rinse/repeat even more

(153.) ???

(154.) Profit!

.....heh couldn't resist the last part. But you get the idea. It's tedious and mind numbing. I still suffer through it for now and just deal with it, but honestly it could be made *so* much better/easier/quicker on folks if you implemented something like checkboxes that could be either checked/unchecked all at once quickly, especially for new folks in particular who aren't even used to this. Maybe others have an even better/cleaner way of resolving this than a list with checkboxes and if so I welcome other ideas along this line, but the bottom line is, the current implementation of customizing chat tabs needs changed one way or another.

Additionally, whether using checkboxes or some other approach, it would also help if you actually either added a confirmation button to make the right-click popup menu go away, or else made it so the ESC key made the popup menu go away if you realize you're done and don't need to interact with it any longer. Another annoyance of the current UI structure for chat tabs is that if you right click and cause the menu to pop up and then realize you're done and/or don't really want to make a change, the only way to get it to go away that I've found is to check/uncheck something you don't need to at that point and then go back and right-click again to undo what you just did.