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    I'll tell you if you take care of your own curses.


    Summoned a Bearded Devil in a pug Rainbow yesterday. Ran towards the group after clicking my Twisted Talisman to look like I was taking damage and came over mic pleading for them to get it off of the Cleric. Had three guys swinging at it for a good 20 seconds.

    One guy dropped after Rainbow and we took another Cleric who clicked on the LFM. So we're in Running With the Devils and I'm spam-Banishing this Ghaele.... What goes around comes around...

    Haven't gotten around to it yet, but I can't wait for my next ToD. There's going to be an Orthon on the Healer!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sephiroth1084 View Post
    How about:
    Vicious: Dance someone just before the final Haste is thrown in ToD 3 (before boots go on)? Then listen to them curse and hope that Horoth doesn't throw a Banish. Extra points if you use it on someone with a particularly low Will save.
    Extra points if you target a Paladin (or other toon with 30+ will save) and they roll a 1.
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    As far as nasty pranks go, was in a Reavers raid where the casters spammed
    diso balls, fog, acid fog etc. The elementals spawned and then a caster dropped
    a DD right in the middle of them........
    I hope it was a mistake because if it was intentional that is just wrong.

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    /death count

    The classics never die.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sirgog View Post
    Lailat is just a loot pinyata.

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    Updated to include the following:

    Explosive charges in Undermine - the possibilities are near limitless but the best is pretending to be opening the end chest while actually setting up a charge.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vVAnjilaVv View Post
    Wow, please tell me the people who you did that too deserved it or it was after they looted their chest...otherwise that was just completely ignorant on your part.
    Ignorance is bliss. Other people's ignorance, that is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FlimsyFirewood View Post
    I'm on it. Nerfing the new thing asap.
    Also, nerfing the old thing too, for balance.

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    use umbral worgs to make a shadow army that agros the party, bonus is as a pale master they wont agro you.

    got a feeling they fixed that now tho.

    my favourate grease spot: the whole damn ramp full of traps in the titan pre raid at the start, you can grease the whole coridor with a bit of practice, evasion guys can pick up quite a bit of speed by the time they reach the bottom, every one else is a sol stone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eladiun View Post
    Also, greasing the bridge to VoD...can't take credit for that one myself tho.
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