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    Default game freezes at loading worlds

    Hi all,
    I have a problem at logging in DDO. The client goes well until i log in with my username and password but when it reach to the worlds screen where i could choose which world would i join it cant load any of them and the game client does not respond. I tried to disable my firewall and my antivirus system and even reinstalling the game but it didnt work. I had this proble since okt 20 when i downloaded update 7.

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    No definitive answer but some discussion of this bug here:

    I have yet to get/see any official response to this issue. However, running the launcher in compact mode (button with 2 downward arrows in the upper right corner of the launcher) fixes the problem for me. The issue is with the Turbine launcher, not the rest of the game.

    Edit: ...and an official response below
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    Hello Toff13. As the thread Kale_Gresh linked detailed a bit further in, some players have resolved this issue by putting the launcher into compact mode. Try clicking the "double triangle" button in the launcher before typing in your username/password to switch to compact mode. If your freezing keeps up definitely open a support ticket using the link in my signature.

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