Greetings and Welcome to Dungeons and Dragons Online - Eberron Unlimited!

I wanted to take the time to put together a helpful sticky for newly arrived players (and you long-time players too!) that helps with guiding you in the event you have a quick question or support issue.

First let's start with some links you might need

"My Account Page":
This is where you can go to review and make changes to your Turbine account.
(Haven't made a Turbine account yet or need info on how to do so? Sign up here!)

Some additional info about your "Turbine" account, forums and DDO "subscriptions"

- "When I signed up it said I would receive an email with the details but I haven't yet."
When you first sign up to make an account you are emailed the details including your "Product Key" (which was applied to your account automatically when you signed up) and it does this so you have this information for your records. So after you have signed up be sure to log into your email providers "web" interface to look in your Spam, Junk or Bulk Mail folders just in case. You should also add "" and "customersupport@turbine.c om" to their "Safe Senders" list and your contacts list or address book to keep other emails from being flagged this way. (Review the section below regarding installing the game for some more information about "Product keys" as well)

- "I signed up but I've forgotten my username or my password."
On the "My Account" page are now two links for this: "Forgotten Your Password?" and "Forgotten Your Username?" for info on either case click one of those links.

- "I signed up but I can't access or post on the forums."
For help with that see here

- "I need some general information about the game account types, my account or my accounts subscription type?"
Take a look at the link here as there is a very good guide to the differences between "Free" "Premium" and "VIP" accounts.

- "What are the rules and regulations?"
The "Terms of Service" "Code of Conduct" and "Privacy Policy" can all be reviewed here and there is a Community CoC available here.

On to installation and the requirements for installing DDO

- "Where can I download the game install?"
The game can be installed via the downloads on the page here

- "What are the system requirements for the game?"
See here

- "Are there any 'requirements' to be able to run or install the game other than the system requirements?"

Actually yes there are some "pre-requisite" applications you need to have before the game can run/install. Some of them are installed by the launcher automatically though.

  • First is "Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1" and after that the "Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1 Service Pack" There's a very helpful thread here (yes it's on the Lotro forums though) as well that can help with installing 1.1 and its service pack)
  • Second is "DirectX 9" (This one the launcher downloads and installs automatically)
  • Note for Vista/Windows 7 users: even though you have later versions of DirectX (10/10.1 or 11) you still need the DX9 files.
  • Third is "Microsoft C++ 2005" (Again this one is downloaded and installed automatically)
  • (There are a couple reasons the two above might not install, first is "heuristic" scanning antivirus programs, and second is permissions issues with the user account, see my steps above for creating new admin accounts to test on)
  • Lastly, the game uses Internet Explorer's system-wide connection settings, so while Internet Explorer does not need to be your default browser it does need to be installed and able to reach the internet otherwise the game will not be able to connect as well. (See this post for more info)

- "If I'm reinstalling the game, or I want to install the game onto another computer, do I need another Turbine "account" or a new DDO 'Product Key'?"
No, you can install the game (or re-install it) onto any PC you want to be able to play from. The options to create an account or submit a product key during the install are just there for folks who downloaded the game without doing those steps first. If you've already done so there's no need to repeat them, the installation will carry on if you skip those options.

- "Can I have a second Turbine account or a second subscription to DDO on my account to log into and play from?"
Yes if you want you can, however remember that you can only run the game once on one computer so if you want to play both accounts simultaneously you need to have a second PC.

Some info about tech issues and helpful info regarding them

- "I'm having a technical issue and not sure what to do!"
I'll list a couple of the more common tech support "sticky" threads and knowledgebase (KB) articles as well. These should be very useful in helping to track down the issue and may help get it remedied that much faster.

  • First there's the Common Technical Issues and FAQ sticky, This includes basic troubleshooting steps, and a list of some of the known technical issues.
  • Second there's the Troubleshooting Connection Issues", "Understanding Lag" and "Game Connection Speed sticky that can be very very useful if you're having any issues with connecting to or staying connected to the game and details most of the causes and troubleshooting steps you can take.
  • (Note about the stickies linked above, they are "merged" so be sure to scroll through or use the quick links I've put at the top to get to the section you're looking for)
  • For configuring Windows Firewall see the KB article here.
  • Lastly for creating a new technical support thread to request help from your fellow players (see my signature for more info) go here and use the "New Thread" button.

- "I can't connect, are the servers down?"
To start check the "Service Updates" thread here to make sure there isn't a reported update or downtime occurring (remember all times displayed are in Eastern Standard Time) and if there are no reported downtimes, take a search through the forums for others reporting issues, and lastly if you cannot resolve it via the links in the section above follow up with Tech Support (details on doing that are in the "direct support" section below).

- "I think I've found a bug, what can I do?"
There is a "Report a Bug" option in-game. Remember that in most cases you will not receive a direct reply from a bug report you send in, these are for bringing the issue to the attention of our engineering and quality teams though. If you're not sure if the issue is a bug or not be sure to check any listed "Known Issues" listed.

- I have a suggestion for a feature, quest, item etc. where can I tell you about it?
For submitting Suggestions there's a very good forums topic here you can post in. (Our Dev's don't always reply in there, nor do they use every single suggestion but they do review them so if you think Beholder's need contact lenses definitely post it there!)

Some final follow up info and "who what when and where's" of contacting us

- "Okay none of the above helped me what can I do?"
I would say that definitely a search in the Forums and the Knowledgebase are the best "first steps" to take. If you cannot find anything to help you in those two options then definitely try posting in the appropriate forums topic here using the "New Thread" button in the upper-left when you're in the correct section.

- "How can I get direct support from Turbine?"
Remember that the support forums are for player-to-player help (Moderators do reply when they can but cannot always reply to every post) so for official support go here to submit a support request and receive help via the email address you enter filling that out.

My signature at the bottom of this post has some additional useful links and information as well.

So to close, thank you for reading this and I hope it has helped, happy Dungeon-crawling and we'll see you in the game!