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    Default Who are you calling pumpkin?

    My body tells me that I am almost 40 years old. A reasonably large portion of my brain seems to remain age 12.

    "Who are you calling pumpkin? Me? How about a nice serving of delayed blast fireball to your face?! Who's laughing now . . . pumpkin?"

    So many undead to kill. So little time. Sometimes it's the little things that bring joy to life.

    INFERUS SUS Sorcs (Socky, Sockie, Socklin), Rogues (Sockpuppet, Sockum), Clerics (Sockington, Sockase), FVS (Sockle), Intim (Tubesocks), Bards (Sockdolenger, Sockish), Rangers (Sockin, Sockel), Wizzy (Sockut), Kensai (Sockt), Monk (Sockfist), Arty (Sockficer, Sockcraft)

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    Like this? :P
    You don´t get more out of life then you put in to it.

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