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    Default I'm afraid I'm not sold on the new UI colour scheme

    A few points before i get into my 'do not like' bit, just to keep morale up:

    Generally speaking I do like the Inventory UI features, particularly the mark as junk feature, that's saved me a heck of a lot of time, and once I do get used to it I'll only need to use the old inventory for checking how much space I have left.

    It will take me a while to get my head around the icons in the new backpack so I can quickly find stuff, after having got used to trying to keep my backpack organised by putting all the static items (potions, collectible bags, etc) in bags 1& 2 and all the stuff that swaps out (weapons, robes etc) in the remaining ones - but overall this is clearly an improvement.

    Auction house search - yay! Face it, this could only have been an improvement, even if it had been completely messed up. From the very breif poke I had at it last night, it seems to have worked well. Thank you SO much for this. This will lower prices generally, make it easier to find stuff not only for buying but to know what a 'reasonable' price is for a similar item I might put on for sale. This is a Good Thing, regardless of what the scalpers and snipers might say.

    New 'you're dead' pop up - another big improvement, though I couldn't really see why the change was needed when I was reading about it. Now I see the extra information and the prominence its given - I approve.

    Click through notices - another improvement. Yay!

    Now. Do not like comments. These aren't gamebreakers, but they do put me off somewhat and I'm surprised they weren't included with a UI refresh:

    Colour schemes. Or color, if you prefer. As long as we can agree how aluminium is spelled I don't really care.

    I don't like the colour schemes you've used. I don't like the semi transparency on things like the grouping window. Basically, this just feels like you've kept all the core things exactly the same and changed the borders to a set of horribly clashing colours. Red and Black with the mottled inserts is... horrible.

    Now - I do know that asthetics are an individual thing, and you arent' going to please everybody. I may well be in a tiny minority. Nevertheless, I do not like it. At all. It is just too garish for me.

    I've heard it said that the DDO UI is 'dated'. I don't really get that, but I've alwasy assumed this was down to more than just the colour scheme of the UI, and I'm afraid the colour change you've implemented doesn't address the core look and feel with the exception of the inventory.

    I can of course use a skinning mod of some kind - but I haven't liked any of them. None of them were, to me, as solid or attractive as the core DDO skin.

    I would be really grateful if next update you could consider putting out a 'DDO Classic' option in the Advanced Graphics or UI section so I can put it back to the more muted tones that there were before. You could call the new skin 'DDO Ultra' or 'DDOhWOW!' or whatever name fits the in your face scarlet and black tones. But please give me the option to turn off the bold primary colour option. I'm a pastels guy.

    Finally: none of the changes provide what I really want out of the UI: scalability. Please try to put in some UI scaling options. Even if its only the hotbars or focus orb. Full UI scaling would allow those who can only have small resolutions to fit more in. it would allow UI scale reductions so that the buff bar wouldn't disappear half way through.

    Please: UI scaling. DDO Classic skin as an option for players to choose.

    You know it makes sense.
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    Seconded on both counts. DDO Classic skin as an option for players to choose, and UI scaling.

    Especially DDO Classic skin.
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    I agree with most of the OP, and now I don't have to type it out myself. Thanks.

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    I really like the new skin, but I agree an option between the two should be available.

    Also, I dislike how the recall button stays visible even after you hide the window, is there a way to change that?
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    I agree with most of what the Original Poster said.

    One other item...In the inventory screen it seems odd that the slot for the weapon in your right hand is on the left and vise versa.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bravosi View Post

    I agree with most of what the Original Poster said.

    One other item...In the inventory screen it seems odd that the slot for the weapon in your right hand is on the left and vise versa.
    Well it's the right hand in relation to the paperdoll which everything else is also relative to.

    as for the new UI way too much wasted space.
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    I like it!
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    this should really be an option

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ciaran View Post

    Also, I dislike how the recall button stays visible even after you hide the window, is there a way to change that?
    Very much agreed with the OP, and very much agreed with this. Consider this +2, as the hubby agrees too.
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