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    Default A little help for a mouslook healer wannabe

    I just want one option added in the keybinding list - toggle next partymember.

    They have it in LOTRO - please let us have it too.

    Why? Because i play the game in mouselook mode and use quick buttons for all spells on casters. I have my mouse side buttons for next enemy and nearest. As it is now i cant play a healer because i have to go out of mouslook mode to click bars. That disturbs the whole flow for me since i can no longer move smooth.

    For me its not working to have the F1-F12 buttons since i need them for spells/feats/clickies.

    I just want another option. I played a cleric before to cap but i got rid of it since i cant enjoy it when i cant play they way i want. If i play a healer i want to be able to play in the same nice flow as i can as fighter or wizard.

    So please - pretty please - add that little option. And to all of you that say its not needed because you do it in another way. No problem - you can continue that way - i just want another option added aswell.
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    I could have sworn that existed... backspace maybe?, that would get objects too... Can't remember but I thought it was there somewhere in the mapping options. Ah well, maybe when the game comes back up.

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