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    Default New Player Server Advice Please.

    A friend and I are joining DDO for the first time. We're both Australian and want to be on the un-official Aussie Server which is found in most games.

    Can someone please advice me as to which server is the 'Aussie' Server? I heard it was Khyber through other forums but want to be sure.


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    Default Aussies Everywhere!

    There is no unofficial Aussie server.

    There are Aussies on all servers, even Wayfinder (Wayfinder is the only server I'd suggest against as a first server).

    I suggest Argo, Khyber, Thelanis, or Orien as good choices.

    Create a throw-away character on each and look at the social panel during your intended play times. Choose the server that seems to have the most interesting groups when you're available to play.

    You'll find people who play at the same times you do on any server - many of them will even be nice!

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    Should you choose Khyber, you may want to run with some Stormreach Thieves' Guild members and see if you get on. They are some nice folks, and most of 'em know what Tim Tams are.

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