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    Default Ranger/Monk build?

    Hello all.

    I am fairly new to the game, only been playing for a couple of months. I currently have a Ranger, Paladin, and Cleric. I am interested in making another character, but I would like it to be a Ranger Monk mix.

    So far I haven't been able to find any builds for a ranger/monk that doesn't have something else like fighter or rogue mixed in.

    Does anyone know of any builds that are JUST ranger/monk?

    I've been fooling around with the character generator, and may post that soon, but I really have no idea what to take at each level, when to take the different class, etc.

    Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.

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    Default What are you trying to build...

    I guess it depends on what your goals are.

    I have a halfling Ranger14 (Tempest II)/Monk6 (Light) that I've soloed throughout the game. He didn't lose his speed bonus (although it is reduced), his self-buffed AC is 66 without CE on (usually runs with PA on) and wasn't gear intensive until I wanted him to be.

    He is DEX/finesse focused but still have good STR, etc.

    Note that a problem with holding onto your "free" Tempest AC bonus requires you to have two weapons equipped - it goes away with handwraps and Q-Staff.

    I built him "years" ago. If I were to "do over" I'd be going Elf for the longswords with the ki feat to keep stances up and have the extra damage and to hit range from the longswords versus kamas. - That is assuming I would "do over". I've built several multi-classed toons that are far superior.

    I really enjoy my Elf Kensai II AA/Ranger6/Monk2 more...

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