“So that little Halfling running by looked at you funny? Well… they are a Halfling… looking funny is what they do!”

“But what about the Drow Elf? Or the Dwarf? Wait a minute… that Human scowled at me!! I swear they were muttering under their breath about me!!"

"Did you see that Human and that Warforged? They were totally plotting against me to get me in trouble with the City Guards. I’m going to act first… defend my honor before it gets spoiled!”
With our population growing, and personalities being what they are, you will inevitably come across individuals that you may not wish to share a grog with under normal circumstances. However, it’s pouring rain outside, your weapons are soiled, you’re weary from battles - and if you never see another kobold again, it will be too soon! The fire is warm and the Inn is dry… were it not for the company you would be content.

So how do you deal with the ill-tempered sort that you have encountered?

Not responding should be your first… non-action. When we receive a report of harassment or inappropriate behavior, we investigate the entire situation. This includes all chat between the players… including the reporter’s. Why? If you started something, and then reported another for their reaction, you should be held responsible for your part in the situation.

There are many ways to help keep the community safe and fun, without being overzealous or overly-sensitive. Personalities will clash in an environment such as a virtual world, and it’s often difficult to know when you should call the Constable or when you should just shrug and move on. So, here are some tips on when to report… and when to ignore:

  1. “He’s repeatedly spamming the chat channel with “LFG” or “WTS” messages!!
    • Okay, so you’re trying to read the conversation around you or you just don’t want to see the same messages over and over. But this isn’t harassment – it’s just someone going about their business in a public space
      • Use the “Ignore” feature and move along

  2. “They said a bad word… I know it can be heard during prime-time on television, but this isn’t television! I don’t want to hear it!”
    • Our Code of Conduct basically says no obscenities. If someone says something that you don’t like, but it’s not necessarily obscene, then reporting it may not be the best option here
      • Use the “ignore” feature and move along

  3. “I keep trying to move to a different area, but they keep following me, spamming emotes, and generally invading my personal space. Help!”
    • Rule #1 of the Code of Conduct specifically states: “While participating in Dungeons & Dragons Online, you must respect the rights of others to play and enjoy the game world as intended by Turbine, Inc.”
      • If after politely asking the player to move on they continue this behavior, please submit a report. We recommend you also place the player on ignore and go about your business, letting In-Game Support handle it from there

  4. “Ohmahgoose, did you hear what they just said?!? How does someone just utter such things?!? Why, talking about someone’s mother that way… just… wrong!”
    • If you are uncomfortable with what someone is saying, first be sure that it is a violation. Just because you disagree with an opinion, doesn’t make it a violation. If you are offended by the words used to express that opinion – specifically, profanity/obscenities/etc. – then that may be a violation

Let’s talk about Political/Religious topics…

While not specifically prohibited, remember that many people come into the game world to escape the real world. Try to keep the conversations calm and not aggressive. Many will have opinions on these topics, and not every one of those opinions will agree with yours. So respect the rights and opinions of others.

  • Keep the discussions out of the specific channels such as Trade, Advice, etc.
  • If you do not wish to be party to a discussion on these topics, or to hear them, leave or turn off the channel. You can always return later when the conversation may have died down, but if that’s all that is being discussed, then you’re not missing much of importance to you, are you?

Now let’s review the Naming Policy, shall we?

It’s common for people to have opinions on the names others choose for their characters. If you’re in the world as “Keguc Trolltracker, Son of Rremn Bronzebattler”, and you see someone else go by on “Whackanything Tankshield”, it may bother you that they have just run across your role-playing and didn’t fit in your storyline. However, this is not a violation of the policy. You choose to play in the Lore, they choose to play in the Gore. We will not change these names as it is not causing any harm.

However, if you see a name that is obscene, offensive, or inappropriate due to references of politics, religion, obscenities, profanity, etc., report it – and we will address it.

At the end of the day, one thing we always counsel players to do is place the offending party on ignore. Doing this will immediately relieve your stress and irritation levels, and allow you to go back to peacefully enjoying your game.

If you do not place them on ignore, it’s possible the Troll will troll you. This may result in you giving a reaction that might land you in trouble as well. So be safe, not sorry. Ignore is your friend!