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    Quote Originally Posted by Illiain View Post
    A similar thing could have been said about 3.X. 1st and 2nd editions were practically the same game. 2nd ed smoothed out the non-Euclidean combat tables of 1st ed with the concept of Thac0.

    3rd edition made all classes pretty vanilla. They were boiled down to BaB, Fort Ref Will saves, HD and skill points. Everyone could do pretty much the same thing, some did it better than others. The only thing that stood out were class specific abilities.

    There was nothing to make any specific class special. Fighters lost their exceptional Str bonuses. Fighters, Rangers, and Paladins were no longer the only classes with multiple attacks. Rogues were no longer the only class that could deal with traps and locks. Everything could tumble past the front line melee, so there was no protection for the casters. Why even bother fighting with a meatshield fighter type, when the casters were easy to reach and fell quickly.

    I would have to say that 3rd edition was also "so different from previous editions that is almost unrecognizable from the original D&D".

    But you know what, I still played 3rd edition when it first came out. I liked it. It was different but playable. I also thought the same thing when 2nd edition came out. It wasn't 1st Edition AD&D or even D&D from the boxed editions, but they were all still fun.

    I'll willing to bet that when 5th edition comes out, people will be saying the same thing about it and how much better 4E was. I'll also be playing it when it comes out, because it's not the rules the make the game fun, it's the other players. It's the RP interaction and the DM's plot and game world. If you find a group that clicks, it doesn't matter what rules you use because you're still having fun.
    Heh yeah it kinda reminds me of how theres always something harmless being blamed for misbehaving children and whenever it changes its completely forgotten the last thing that was "Evil" I can't say the order of the blamage but IIRC these included Movies, TV, Rock Music, Elvis, Actors, The Space Program, DnD (yeah us too), Science, and most recently Video Games. Sure some kids may have been adversely affected by this stuff but it was a VAST minority but parents and the media go wild with the "Hate Flavour of the Era" and blow them out of proportion

    Anyways my point is that regardless of what were talking about Computer Operation Systems, Video Series' (Series's?), Dance Style, Cars, Hiring Methods, Sales Methods, DnD Edition,Mechanical vs. Digital, ETC., ETC. there's always gonna be a few that aren't willing to move on and the more vocal of them tend to try to keep others from moving on as well with either pointless semantics or outright lies and slander because they know the more people leave the less people that will play (in the case of a game) with them and eventually they might have to quit playing or try the new version...most likely the former because even if they do try the new game and discover they actually do like it they can't say that because than they'd be wrong.

    Linked because is somewhat relevent AND funny: (tell me this CANT be applied to ANY edition) oh and of course this (feel free to laugh at the "vaporware" on the laptop at the end :P)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan
    There is little value in getting into an edition debate; as with anything, we create what we believe works best for DDO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by irivan View Post
    4E Sucks, straight up.

    It is a total game change from DnD, from original box set and 2nd Edition, no where close.

    3 and 3.5 had some vast changes, but i liked those changes, 4E doesn't do what 3.5 did, it just blew the whole game up, and i have no interest in it.

    Nothing you can do to change my mind about it, nor the vast majority of gamers who played previous versions of DnD, and that is why 4E sales are some of the lowest all time for a former TSR game.

    Shame on Wizards for this, but they wanted to make it their own and some how weave it into their card games.

    Sad really, i predict that at some Point Pathfinder will completely take away most former DnD players and DnD is to become a video game thing only for WOTC.
    That's fine.

    3e sucks straight up(to me), so I guess we are even.
    I still play it though,well pathfinder, but it's still 3e. It's what some of my friends want to play and I like them so I am willing to play a system I personally loathe in order to have fun with them.

    As to your other points, they will never give any concrete numbers, using stuff from ICv2 or rumormongers like sainy.. why bother?
    I play 4E, I do not mind criticism of 4E. I do not enjoy ignorant rantings by 4E haters.

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